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Moving photos


New Member
May 26, 2019
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Lightroom Classic version: 10.2
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
My wife and I have all our photos stored on a NAS drive We each have a desktop computer, work on our own copy of Lightroom and hence have separate catalogues. We have nearly reached the storage limit of the NAS drive, 7.2 Tb seemed a lot ten years ago, so I need to buy a new drive with a larger capacity.
If there was just one user I know that I could move the files in Lightroom and so maintain the integrity of the catalogue but as there are two of us that is not going to work. Is there a way of solving this or am I just going to have to move the files in one copy of Lightroom, the one with the largest catalogue, and then go through the second and find/attach all the missing files?
Any help/suggestions gratefully received.
Jun 20, 2009
Houston, TX USA
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Cloud Service
I would think the solution on Windows is to designate the new larger drive with the same drive letter on each machine that the old NAS was assigned.
For example if your wife’s computer now accesses the NAS as F:\ then mount the new drive and in Windows system settings change the old drive to G:\ and Assign the new drive to be F:\. Perform the same task on your computer and you are done.

In the Lightroom Catalog there is a image field called absolutePath. This is where Lightroom stores the path to each image. In the Windows OS, the Lightroom Classic absolutePath contains the Windows Drive Letter. No other operating system uses drive letters. If you simply mount the NAS volume with the drive letter that Lightroom Classic is expecting everything will go smoothly.