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Moving LRC from old iMac to new iMac M1

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New Member
Mar 7, 2023
Lightroom Version Number
Lightroom Classic version: 11.5
Operating System
  1. macOS 13 Ventura
Found this forum whilst seeking help moving LRC and my pictures from old Mac to new Mac.
so signed up. Have just downloaded the eBook. Any further advice would be gratefully appreciated.
The by far easiest method is to use Apple Migration Assistent to move the contents of the old iMac (or of a Time Machine backup of it) to the new computer.
About a year ago. I got an M1 iMac to replace my Intel iMac. I used Migration Assistant to move my existing user data, apps and settings from the old Mac to the new one. I have used Migration Assistant fore eery new computer since 2008 when I used it to switch from a Windows computer to an iMac. (Migration Assistant for Windows is also available for those coming over from the dark side. )
Thanks for both replies. Could not see how to use Migration Assistant to select which files to move. I dont want to move evevyrthing from old Mac to new Mac.
So, I tried to follow the book on the subject. I appear to have transfered the correct hirearchy and have pictures. All the folders are grey with ?
the pictures have a greyed out Bold number top left and a ! top right. I clicked Missing Photographs the correct number of photographs is listed in the Catalogue section. I've obvoiusly done something wrong!! I notice that the username - /users/username/Pictures/Lightroom is different. The new mac allocated it.
Any help would welcome.
/users/username/Pictures/Lightroom is different.
In the copy of the catalog the Folders with (?) have a path reference that are still pointing to the old username. Right click on the top level folder with the question mark and choose "Update Folder Location..." from the context menu. This will open a Finder dialog that will let you navigate to the folder location of the new username. If there are more top level folders with (?), repeat the process until are have been found on the new computer.
That appears to have worked. Yippee.
Clicking on Top Level Folder worked for all folder and subfolders.
I've found Keyword etc.
I had v10-v11 on old Mac (Catalina) and now v12 on new Mac (Ventura). Its a bit different and I'm assuming the bold numbers behind thumbnails are a new feature.

Thank you so much.
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