Moving Lightroom from PC to Mac

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Bruce E Schoppe

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Jul 31, 2016
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I'm preparing to move Lightroom to a new Mac from a PC. I found your post on creating a hierarchy using the Show Parent Folder option. When I right click on the top folder which is My Pictures which is inside My documents, no such option is available.
What am I missing?
I want to make sure I do this right. My photos, indeed all my documents, are on an external hard drive which I imagine is NTFS.
"top folder" is not terminology I am familiar with. What I said was that when I right click the top folder which is "My Pictures", there is not an option to "show parent folder". So that may well mean that I already have a hierarchical format or, because the screen shot is of a Mac, that is is not available on my PC. If I already have an hierarchical format, then I can move on. That's all I'm asking.
What you're talking about is just a view in Lightroom. Using 'Show Parent Folder' doesn't change anything in your folder structure. It just changes what Lightroom shows and what it doesn't show. So yes, you can move on.

Please note: you mentioned having an external disk with the images, possibly in NTFS format. A Macintosh can read that format, but it can't write to it.
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