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Moving images, check none are missing

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Jul 27, 2011
Rutland, UK
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Lightroom Classic 9.2.1
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  1. macOS 10.13 High Sierra
LR Classic 9.2.1 - I'm moving all my images from old nas to new one. Copying outside LR then finding missing, doing a number of folders at a time and all going fine. I can check all folders are copied at folder level as no "?" once I've pointed at the new location. I want to check every individual image has been copied over, so did a test not copying one image in a folder onto new nas, I thought that folder would have a question mark as there was a missing image but it doesn't. If you look at the images in that folder the missing image has an "!" top right. To check every image and spot any "!" is not practical with 28,000 images. So my question (at last :) ) is there a way of searching for any missing images ? I've looked at smart collections but doesn't seem to have that criteria. I know it's unlikely that just one image wouldn't copy over but I'm a bit OCD and also distrust anything IT related so like to double check everything.
Use the Library menu option>Find All Missing Photos. That will list all photos that it thinks are missing, which is I guess what you want. Note, however, that the list does not dynamically update as missing images are relinked, or new missing images are created.....you have to run the command again to get the latest position.
Great, just run it and does what it says on the tin. Pleased I did the test because I have missed some.
Thanks very much Jim.
This forum is great, ask a question and 7 minutes later have the answer. :)
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