Moving from LR6 Perpetual to the CC with PS rental package

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Dec 31, 2015
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Advice please, I use lR6 standalone latest version and am considering the rental package.

Presently I do not use lR properly, I have all my images (not a huge amount and not a pro) exported as Original RAW and TIFF (created in LR) to folders on external HDs. They are therefore safe. i.e. I have used only the Import & Develop modules. I simply create a jpeg from a saved TIFF if I wish to.
I do not use the LR catalogue system although it is there and also backed up separately.

I would like to completely remove my LR6 including all associated files and -
I would then take on the CC Rental package and start over as a new user from a clean slate.

How may I do this and will my present LR version hinder a new installation because it is recorded at Adobe?

Thank you
As CC and perpetual are the exact same code base, you _should_ be able simply to change the licence key to a CC key and everything will work exactly as before, though with the newer functions that CC users get (like dehaze). Make sure you back up your catalogue before you start. Everything you need to know is here: Backing up Lightroom - All you need to know

Bear in mind that I'm a LR5 perpetual user, you will read about snaglets that people experience with CC, usually solved by logging out and back in again. You have 6.3 showing as your current LR version, I suggest you get 6.12 downloaded and installed first, then migrate to CC.
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