moving Develop Presets

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Apr 14, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
I would like to organise my preset panel into multiple folders (I have a lot of presets and they are too long to display easily). So my question is can I move multiple presets to a folder on the panel or is this a one at a time move or do I find the presets in the main folder on the hard disk and move them?


Jon, you move them in the Develop Presets (or whatever presets you are arranging) folder on the HD. Right click any preset and you will have an option of "Show in Explorer" to find them.
You can arrange in to folders of your making within the Preset folder and when you open LR again they will appear as you have placed them.
Jon, when 'structuring' your presets, you should know that the folders and the presets they contain are sorted alphanumerically. So, if there's a specific order you want them to appear in, the workaround right now is to rename them something like 01_, 02_, and so on... Or, if you want to be future-proof, you might want to use a numbering scheme like 005_, 010_, ... That way, you have some room to squeeze in additional presets without having to renumber them each time.
I really wish LR4 will allow us to custom-sort presets, though...
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