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Catalogs Moving catalogue to another disk.

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Jun 15, 2016
the Netherlands
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Lightroom Classic : version 11.1
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I want my catalogue move from a traditional HDD to a faster medium. I've 2 (actually 3) options, SATA SSD or NVME SSD [My motherboard allows me to choose between Gen 3 or Gen 4]
A: what is the best option, regardless the costs. I've a high-end custom build, dedicated to editing purpose, workstation?
B: is 1 Tb enough? Assuming I keep previews only younger to 3 months. [I shoot > 10.000 photographs/year]

Martin, the Netherlands
Your catalogue will never even come close to 1TB. It is just a database. Previews can take up space but you can manage that. Are your referring to your actual files?
Just some quick math. A million files might result in a catalogue between 5,000 and 10,000 MB
Assuming I keep previews only younger to 3 months.
There is no option in Lightroom to keep normal previews only for a certain amount of time. Only 1:1 previews can automatically be removed after a certain time. You can delete all your previews manually from time to time and let Lightroom rebuild what it needs, however.
You should move the catalog folder to the fastest internal ssd which should be the nvme one.

The same should apply to the Adobe camera raw cache (LrC preferences / Performance Tab) You can increase its size from the minimal 5GB to at least 20GB - up to the maximum 200GB if you have the space.

The best scenario is to have Windows & Αpps in one nvme SSD and the LrC catalog in a separate Nvme SSD.

If you have any antivirus software in place exclude the catalog and the cache folders from any real time scanning.

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