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Moved Lightroom to a new hard drive; images are fine, but Catalog did not move. Help!


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Feb 16, 2012
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Lightroom Version
LR Classic
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Windows 10
I know that I screwed this up somehow! I read the article on how to move LR to a new computer or hard drive, but somehow I did something wrong. The images migrated just fine but without the changes n the catalog. Is there any fix or do I have to delete the images and start over again?


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Jun 20, 2009
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Classic 8
Do you know where your master catalog file is/was located? Did you move it to the new hard drive along with the master image files?
When you restarted Lightroom, did you open that master catalog file in its new location or old location? All of your previous edits are located in the master catalog file, not in the master images themselves.

Does the catalog that you see show the previous edits but the images are listed as missing? If this is the situation, you need to inform Lightroom of the new location for these master image files.

Did you reimport the moved images? This is the wrong action to take. You will need to start over with a copy of the master catalog file that represents the state of LR before the move and reimport.