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Move and work with Book Module from two computers

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Rima Berzin

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Jun 8, 2016
New York,NY
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Lightroom Classic 9.1
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  1. macOS 10.13 High Sierra
I' m making a book which was located on someone else's desktop. I wanted to work on it at my home. I exported the book (from the collection module with ALL THE NEGATIVES) so now I have them and the catalog on my computer.

I opened the catalog. When i go to the book module, the photos are not associated with their location. It's not as easy as navigating to the one file with the photos in them since there are 149 photos all sourced from different file locations. My goal is to create new text pages and add photo titles on each page. Then when complete I'll bring them back to my client's computer (via screen share application) and order books from Blurb through Lightroom book module.

If I reference the new location on MY computer, and possibly reformat the photo layout on the pages, and then want to bring the whole catalog back to clients computer, that would mess up the location reference again. So It seems that option is OUT.

Questions: Is there an easy way to reference locations? Can I just do text additions/changes on each page and ignore the photo locations? And then how would I transfer back to my client's computer? From within my client's computer and catalog would I use: "import from another catalog" and navigate to the catalog I've been working on? I'm confused!

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I'm lost.

see screenshot of book module with red exclamations because LR doesn't know where photos are (of course)
If you exported them with the negatives, the originals should be in a folder next to the catalog. Are they not there?

If you purely want to design the book on the other computer, just normal previews would be ok, no need to fix the missing originals. That would make it easy to merge them back into the main catalog too.

Try that screenshot again? It didn't attach.
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