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Publish Services Modified Photos to Re-publish management aid?

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May 9, 2015
Palo Alto, CA
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LR Classic 8.3
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  1. Windows 10

I am a heavy user of Publish Services with several hundred Publish Service Collections (none are of the "smart" type). In almost all situations, any particular image may appear in a dozen or more of these Publish Service Collections. Although some Publish Service Plugin's have some controls over what constitutes an image change, many don't and even the ones that do don't always work as well as I would expect. I am wondering if anyone knows of a plugin that can be used to manage these "Modified Photos to Re-publish" images? In particular, what I'd like to see is

1) on an image (or set of selected images), be able to use one click (perhaps in the context menu for that image or from the Plugin-extras menu) to re-publish those images in all PS's in which they appear in the Modified segment. So, for example, If I change the title of an image or adjust something in the Develop Module, I would like to click something to push the new version of that image to all PS's in which it participates. Or, after changing the titles on a set of images, select those images and do the same thing.

2) Be able to generate a grid of images (most likely a temporary collection) which contain all the images that appear in the "modified" sections of any publish service. Would be great if the grid display were segmented by publish service collection and even better also include segments for images appearing in "New to Add", and "To Delete" segments as well. In other words a single collection that showed the status of all images needed PS attention.

3) As an add on to #2, once this collection is created, allow me to select a bunch to "Mark as up to date", select another bunch to "publish".

Anyone know of a plugin with these or similar capabilities?

thanks -- Dan
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