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Missing Lightroom Files

Apr 14, 2016
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Lightroom classic version 10.4
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  1. Windows 10
As best I can describe the problem: My hard drive crashed. I had backups of LR photos and of the LR catalog. I transferred photos and catalog to the new hard drive and LR worked with the catalog and photos. Except I have missing photos. I really don't know if they are newly missing or were missing before the crash and the new reload of the photos and catalog.

Here's the problem. Example: Lightroom says file ABCD.NEF is missing. I try to find it. When I do it matches the photo shown as missing but when I click on it to reconnect, it switches to a different photo but one with the same file name. As in: one ABCE.NEF is a photo of a plane and the other ABCD.NEF is a photo of a train. So I have duplicate file names but different photos. I believe I must have downloaded the same SD card photos twice but renamed the photos to different names. I have several different backups from different times, of the LR photo files and I can find the Plane photo on one of them and the Train photo on a different LR photos backup. I've tried importing the train file from one of those backups and then matching it to the missing Train file. That hasn't worked. I've tried everything I can think of (after backing up the catalog and its photos to an external hard drive and then disconnecting that from the computer).

Sorry, this is difficult to explain. I've used LR for many years. I know how to find missing files in LR so I don't need an explanation of how that works. None of the missing files are really important and I'm about to just delete them all from the LR catalog.

Also, is there any way to print out a list of the missing files so I can search for them among the several LR photo file backups I have and then re-import them?

Roelof Moorlag

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Jan 27, 2013
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