Print module Missing ICC Profiles after install of Epson printer on MacBook Pro M1 Pro

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Apr 19, 2019
Lightroom Version
Lightroom Classic version: 11.2
Operating System
  1. macOS 12 Monterey
A solution to a problem/issue, not a query, but one that needs recording and hopefully will help reduce the stress of others. This has bugged me for several weeks!!!

The ICC profiles for Epson appear to be installed in System/Library/Printers/Epson, not in Users/myuserid/Library/ etc.

However, and this is the crucial thing, you do need to do an additional step when installing the software on Monterey (apparently). [This I got from Epson Technical Support.]

1. Goto Systems Preferences ... > Printers & Scanners

2. Press '+' and select your Printer ...


3. Click in the Use pull-down box and Click on Select Software ...

4. Select your printer (the ET-8550) again, and press OK

This will create a seemingly duplicate version of your printer. Delete the old one and all should now be well. The profiles should now appear in the Print Module and in Smart Proofing, and in ColorSync which they don't after an initial install.
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