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Missing DNGs XMPs Remain


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Dec 28, 2018
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Lightroom Classic version: 8.0 [ 1193777 ]
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  1. macOS 10.13 High Sierra
I sincerely hope someone here can help. I'm lost. I have just discovered on recovering several folders from backup that there are several with no DNGs, some with only XMPs and some with only JPGs. I'm here because LIghtroom was having conversion issues at one point, wouldn't convert on import, would half convert, would convert but left stray XMP files so I would often have to select and manually convert. My workflow is convert raw on import, work the raw files on the primary drive, export the jpgs I need to deliver into the same folder then move the folder to the external for storage. My Lighroom catalog is on my primary drive. I've been using Photoshop->Bridge->Lightroom for years. I had 371,000 images in my catalog. Timelapses add up fast. I've had a series of issues starting with recovering not quite two years worth of work from a G-Tech RAID formatted EXFAT that was scrambled by a brand new IMac with High Sierra. So I get everything lined out, about 2/3 recovered, still using the RAID after converting it to a regular drive. It recently crashed again but I have my work on Backblaze so I bought another drive and I'm now downloading. This is when I found the missing work. The IMac continues to be a problem also so I've replace the external drive, the IMac may be next.
Jun 24, 2010
Encinitas, CA USA
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I have just discovered on recovering several folders from backup that there are several with no DNGs, some with only XMPs and some with only JPGs

Hi Romana,

Sorry for your troubles. The above sounds as though the originals were somehow deleted and then BackBlaze backups recorded the status afterwards.

You should be able to browse back through your backup history for these directories on the BackBlaze server and look for time before these files went missing then restore from that time to your current hard drive.