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Metadata Lightroom Plugin


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Jul 22, 2021
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Family History Metadata Working Group (FHMWG.org)

We have created a metadata specification for the Family History market and are looking at how to make it compatible with Adobe Lightroom.

If this is an area of your expertise, please get in touch with me.

Gordon Clarke

FamilySearch Developer Relations
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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Welcome to the forum Gordon. So is it a plug-in developer you're looking for? @johnbeardy or @johnrellis are probably the guys for the job.
Mar 29, 2015
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We have created a metadata specification for the Family History market and are looking at how to make it compatible with Adobe Lightroom
This is an exciting concept (at least for my wife who is into Genealogy). However, I think you have some challenges. The following are some observations and thoughts which I hope you take as as review rather than a criticism.

A challenge I can see is your premise of "This recommendation makes use of XMP, a standard produced by Adobe for storing RDF/XML in image metadata; and IPTC, which provides one of the more popular RDF vocabularies for XMP." Personally, I already use a lot of these XMP/IPTC fields as part of the metadata branding of my photos. In other words, people like me are not likely want to adhere to your standard for a mixed catalog of genelogy and non-genealogy photos. A lot of these XMP tags are already exposed and used on Lightroom Classic.

A notable exception is Album however. Here you seem to veer away from your original premise to also supporting the Metadata Working group definition for collection. Unfortunately, the MWG looks to now be defunct which was trying to fix, as your group pointed out, "...thousands of metadata fields in the use in the wild today...". So while the XMP Album tag relates to album art, the MWG Collections map to non-XMP tags unique to MWG.

A big problem is that MWG specifications seem to have disappeared off the internet except for archive copies. I have not heard of anything taking up MWG's work or acquiring it's IP.

So, while I believe your concept has great merit, I would suggest you simply need to create your own namepsace (sorry) for your use. At the same time, this could then support links to non-photographic documents which I know need to be maintained.