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Matching rejected jpegs with RAW counterpart

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Oct 18, 2010
Nashville, TN
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  1. Windows 10
When I cull through my images I do so by viewing just the jpegs.

When done culling, before I can delete the rejected images I must also match the RAW files. Simple manual process but with so many images this becomes a waste of time and tiresome.

Is there a way I can filter these rejected photos to pull up their RAW counterparts for easy deletion?

Or my Syncomatic plugin which copies metadata between matching files.
Line them up side by side in the grid?

It might be worth questioning the use of the JPEGs for culling, rather than importing with the embedded+sidecar preview option.
I'm viewing the jpgs since I shoot with a Fuji and I'm using film simulation. This was I can pick the no-goes while I get to view if I like the simulation.
I mainly shoot with a Fuji and the embedded+sidecar option means I see the film simulation. There's a LR preference for using camera settings too rather than Adobe profiles.

Also, Fuji raw files don't contain a full size preview so shooting raw+jpeg and importing embedded+sidecar means I review full size previews which LR gets from the jpeg.
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