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Mask preset and Amount slider between Classic and mobile

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Jul 3, 2020
Lightroom Version
LR Classic 11.5
Operating System
  1. macOS 12 Monterey
I use a mask preset designed for the subject of my bird photos. It is intentionally a little strong and I use the Amount slider to tone it down as needed. Once synched if I edit on LR Mobile there is no Amount slider so I have to adjust the individual effects to make changes. The slider position do not reflect the value of the amount slider. For example, if Shadows is set to 30 and Amount to 50 in LR Classic it is still 30 (and not 15) in LR Mobile. If I change it in LR Mobile (say to 60) and return to LR Classic it is again unaffected by the Amount (it is still 60 and Amount is still 50). Am I correct that the Amount value is still being applied in LR Mobile even though there is no way to directly adjust it?
Lightroom mobile has the amount slider too, but it’s a bit hidden. When you apply a preset, you will see a horizontal line with a small circle in the middle over the preset preview icon. Tap on it and you’ll get the amount slider.
Ah the Amount slider strikes again. Which one are we talking about in Classic - top of the Presets panel or top of the Masking adjustments panel?
Ah the Amount slider strikes again. Which one are we talking about in Classic - top of the Presets panel or top of the Masking adjustments panel?
Yeah. It’s hard to be clear. Sorry about that. I’m talking about in the Masking panel where you don’t have presets at all in Mobile, let alone an amount slider, but you do in Classic.
I thought you applied that mask using a preset. That means you should have an amount slider for the result (i.e. the mask) via that preset. See below, where I applied the Adaptive Sky premium preset in Lightroom for iPad. The amount slider is shown on the thumbnail.

And here’s the slider after I tap on that thumbnail:
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