Manually mark images on iPhone as already imported?

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Mar 26, 2016
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I recently moved my entire OSX Photos collection to Lightroom. I moved the files in photos on my mac to lightroom on my mac.

Moving forward, I will import photos from my iPhone directly to Lightroom. I was using iCloud Photos, so the photos I already moved from Photos on my mac also reside on my iPhone.

Problem is that now when I plug in my iPhone and open the import dialogue in Lightroom, it thinks that all the photos on my iPhone are "New", when in fact they are already in Lightroom.

Is there a way I can manually mark all the photos on my iPhone as NOT being "New" so that it will only select the actual new ones for import?

(Ps I have tried the "Don't import suspected duplicates" box and this doesn't work in this situation).

I don't think so. The easiest thing is probably to let Lightroom import them, and then remove the duplicates that are already in Lightroom.
Welcome to the forum. Since you have a CC Subscription, you have alternatives. Use LR Mobile on your iPhone. Dedicate a LR Mobile collection to your Camera Roll. Enable Auto Add. Your Camera Roll photos will be added to this LR Mobile Collection and will appear in the corresponding collection in your LR Master catalog. Furthermore, the images will be imported into the appropriate folder on your Mac.

When you initially set this up, LR Mobile may want to add every image in your camera roll. This can be OK as you will only need to deal with this one time. Alternately you can remove the unwanted images from the LR Mobile collection before they get added to the correcsponing collection in the CC Cloud and passed on to the Master catalog.

I recommend disabling the Photos app from starting and from auto importing from your iCloud PhotoStream other wise iCloud will also import these images and store them where the Photos app is storing PhotoStream images.
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