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Managing (new) develop presets

Judith Nicholls

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Jun 10, 2017
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  1. Windows 10
I don't use develop presets much any more, but with the new features in LR I thought maybe I'd try to do more in LR rather than exporting to PS for every image. So I thought before buying new LR AI presets I should organize my old ones which look a mess. No, I don't want to throw them away... I do sometimes use them. BUT I'm reading here that "store with catalog" is no longer used, at least for new type presets, and the information I'm reading about reorganizing my old develop presets may also not work (they used to be in directories based on the install name). It looks like we can no longer control our develop presets?

I frequently use my notebook instead of my desktop and for many years have been happily backing up my lightroom directory to my portable drive which I use on my notebook. It sounds like this is not going to work with new presets? Moving from one computer to another was completely transparent. Are new LR presets going to ruin that for me?
Store with catalog still works with one proviso... it doesn't work for presets imported using the Import Profiles & Presets command. It still works for presets installed "the old way" by manually dropping them in the right folder though (page 374).

Have a look at page 375 in your book for reorganizing your presets. All that's changed there is you need to reorganize them within the Presets panel rather than directly in the folders.
Thank you! That's bad news... So "new style" presets have to be installed on every system, or copy a directory from Users on Windows AND we have to use the pathetic tool in LR to organize presets. And only one level, no subdirectories... With presets being more capable than before, it's sad that they have made it more difficult to maintain them... And I assume all new style presets have to be installed on both systems that I use LR on.
Yes and no. The “old way” of installing in the “next to catalog” folders still works absolutely fine on multiple computers and they appears on both computers like they always did when installed that way. No need to install in each computer if you do it the manual way.

We do have to manage within LR rather than in operating system folders rather than the OS, but that’s a one off, and the OS was never great for figuring out which presets to move anyway.