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Management of Raw + Jpg

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Jun 22, 2022
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Hello, I'm new to this great forum and had a question. My daughter started playing volleyball and i have been working to create come good action images of the games.
I have begun shooting raw+jpg with my canon camera as I understand that low light performance is better with raw. I've been importing into lightroom that way so that they are "Treated" the same.

While I like the raw, they are very large. My thought is that I'd keep the raw images of my daughter, but only keep the jpg images of her teammates after I make the year ending slideshow. I have each of the photos rated and my daughters photos tagged.

I'm not exactly sure of the mechanism that I'd use to achieve and wondering if this make sense or if it is too much hassle.
Any thoughts from you LR Experts?
Welcome to the forum. If you think that you may need to do any future post processing work, than may I suggest you keep the raw files for all of the images. Raw files are going to be easier to adjust in post processing as many of the settings have not been baked in like a jpeg file.

Having said that, you could shoot both, share the jpeg files immediately if they are to your satisfaction, and then just keep the raw files for any future needs. But it will also depend on how much time and effort you want to spend on your images. If you are not wanting to do any post processing, then a lot will depend on how much work is needed for you to get an acceptable image for sharing. But deleting a raw file is akin to deleting a negative and just keeping the print. Granted jpeg files are better than prints, but they are not as flexible in processing as a raw file.

Good luck,

I agree with Replytoken.

I know that phiisopically one hesitates about keeping large RAW files due to their size. And, in fact, back 20 or so years ago this was a serious consideration as running out of disk space was a constant battle. However, the cost of EHD's (External Hard Drives) is now so cheap ($60-$70 bucks for a 4TB drive) that this is no longer a consideration - just an emotional hurdle. This is almost free compared to 20 years ago. In your plan what you are doing is trading inexpensive disk space for loosing the more valueable commodity - time. Personally, once you get used to RAW and unless you need to share right out of the camera, don't even bother with the Jpg's at all.

However, if you do want to purge images, you can look at my blog here: https://www.danhartfordphoto.com/blog/2018/7/lr010-lr-classic-how-to-remove-redundant-jpgs This blog is about removing the Jpg side oft he pair but you can extrapolate to removing the RAW side once you understand the issues.
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