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Making the filter selections stay when changing Albums


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Oct 31, 2012
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Lightroom CC version: 2.1.1 [ 20181211-1217-31970e4 ] (Dec 11 2018)
Operating System
Windows 10
I would like to be able to change albums without manually setting the filter each time. I have selected for Reject for those images I will eventually delete, and marked with one star those which have been assigned to one or more albums. As I make a second pass through my albums, I have to repetitively re filter which wastes time and is annoying.
Classic has this capability, does CC?
This is even more apparent when you are searching for pictures related to one of a group of pictures since re-selecting a dozen people every time makes filtering impossible.


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Jun 24, 2010
Encinitas, CA USA
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Classic 7
In the Grid module there is a little padlock icon in the very right of the filter bar. Click this so the padlock is closed. If the Filter bar is not visible press the "\" (backslash) key to toggle it on and off. This will cause the current filter settings to stay when selecting different sources from the left panel.