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MacBook M3 Trackpad Weirdness

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Tahoe Dave

Aug 25, 2020
Lightroom Version Number
LR Classic 13.2
Operating System
  1. macOS 14 Sonoma
I have a new MacBook M3, running Sonoma 14.4. Yay. But the trackpad is behaving oddly in Lightroom. (At least so far I think it's only LR.)

Context: Catalog sidebar. Photos are catalogued by date. For example: 2020>1/20; 2/20; 3/20. etc. With each month having subfolders for shooting days or events.

When I click on the dropdown arrow to view the subfolder for a time period, it won't open up unless I have first opened up a subfolder above it. For example, 2021 won't open up to reveal its monthly subfolders unless I have first opened up something above it. Like, oh, say 2020. But once I open up 2020, then everything below it will open up when I click on them. 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, AND their month subfolders all expand. But If I then collapse all of the years, I have to expand the top subfolder again before anything below it will open up.

I've never seen this behavior before. It's got to be a setting somewhere.
That's indeed weird. I'd try resetting the Preferences file.

On a side note, does it work when you plug a mouse into your laptop?
It might also be a problem with the Helper.lrdata package.....this can become corrupted which can then lead to anomalies in the Folders Panel. If resetting the preferences didn't fix it, simply delete the Helper.lrdata package (which will be in the catalog folder), then restart LrC to see if that has fixed the issue.

ONLY delete the "catalogname Helper.lrdata" package, nothing else. It will cause no harm, as the package is recreated on next launch.
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