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LRC Update--Print Module--Changed look of the driver window?

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Jan 26, 2010
Lightroom Version
Adobe Lightroom Classic 12.1 release, Camera Raw 15.1
Operating System
  1. macOS 13 Ventura
Recently, I have noticed that the appearance of the print driver window---the one with layout and printer settings and such---changed recently. It seems as if more clicks are needed to accomplish the same print settings, but, of course, now I don't have the old driver window to directly compare. Did this happen with the December 2022 LRC update or was it a Ventura OS thing? Just wondering...
PS: Screenshots of the new style driver windows attached.


  • Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 20.30.07.jpg
    Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 20.30.07.jpg
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  • Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 20.30.36.jpg
    Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 20.30.36.jpg
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Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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Cloud Service
It’s a Ventura thing, it’s changed in other apps too.
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