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LrC side panels text - how can I max the contrast or colour on the text


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Jul 14, 2011
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  1. Windows 10
I'm getting very frustrated with LrC dim text on side panels when working LrC on some older screens.
On my laptop with OLED and maxed brightness the legibility is good
But on older monitor screens, especially where they have been calibrated (ie brightness not maxed out) the LrC font in the LHS and RHS panels is dim. So I find I'm squinting
I don't want to max the brightness because it will impair monitor calibration
We know LrC interface allows color choice on the image screens but not on the panel screens
And I don't want to increase font size to reduce the image screen

The ideal would be to get the side panels with black background and white font - something like Windows high contrast

Does anyone have tips on how to enhance contrast on the panels?
Jun 20, 2009
Houston, TX USA
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The interface tab in Preferences is the only place in Lightroom where you can affect the look of Lightroom Classic. Unfortunately this only applies to the Main panel and secondary display and not to the text.

There are about three places in Windows settings where you can adjust the appearance and size of text. This would be you best place to improve your text viewing.

Many years ago interface design standards recommended non white gray on grayer text areas. This was before HiDPI screens. It was thought that the color should not detract from the images and text remaining in the background. This was at a time when young 20 year old developers ruled the IT world. There were;t that many over forty computer users in that day and unfortunately this design standard persisted with Adobe. Most other development shops have developed more accommodation design interfaces that recognizes the need to accommodate HiDPI screens and nearsighted over forty users.