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LRC shows superseded develop pane and tools on imported old catalogs

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Jul 14, 2011
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LRC 10.1
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  1. Windows 10
Hi, I use LRC latest version (fully updated), Windows 10 machine

I have imported 15 years olf old images (all good) and also decided to import old-version catalogs marked -v10.lrcat, hoping to bring across the settings, flags, etc.

But the óld catalog images show the old, superseded develop settings [Tone = Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast ... }

I ran the Catalog optimise but no difference

Can anyone help? Am I missing some settings??
Nov 30, 2012
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Lightroom Classic has updated the Process Version for developing files several times over the years. One of the biggest reasons they update the Process Version is to enable newer, better develop options. The current Process Version is Version 5, and images will show current options only if they are using Version 5. The Process Version for an image is indicated at the top of the Calibration panel in the Develop module. Also, an image with an older Process Version is marked with a small lighting bolt icon at the bottom right corner of the Histogram panel.

If you select an image that was last edited a long time ago, it was probably edited using an older Process Version. It will not be eligible to use current options unless you update the Process Version. You can update a photo’s Process Version by changing it in the Calibration panel or clicking that lightning bolt icon, but there are also efficient ways do to this in bulk.

If you are not sure which images use an old Process Version, in the Library module choose Library > Find Previous Process Version Photos. This will create a new Catalog collection called Previous Process Photos.


You can then select any or all of those, and choose Photo > Develop Settings > Update to Current Process Version. After doing that, all of those images will now show the current Develop options.

The only reason Lightroom Classic hangs onto the old Process Version is to preserve how the photo looked as it was last edited with the old controls. When you update the Process Version of a photo, switching it to the current controls may change the visual appearance.
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