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LRC Presets Not showing after Import


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Mar 3, 2024
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  1. Windows 11
Hi Everyone,
I recently moved from using a laptop to a new desktop PC. When i transferred my LRC Presets by Exporting and then Importing, some of the presets were missing from my Presets list. I can see that they are in fact there because when i click on a photo in develop mode that had used that particular preset it shows up. But it simply isn't in the list. Also when i try to import that specific preset again, LRC says it is already imported. I googled and found this page...https://support.dvlop.com/article/44-presets-are-not-appearing-in-lightroom

But none of those suggestions fixed the issue. I have attached a screenshot of a preset that is there but not in the list of presets below ...so that you can see what i mean.

Also it appears as though the presets that didn't import were my own modifications to the presets shown under the Preset 'TCP Classic K14 (2020) - Color Grading'.
Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

Any help very much appreciated.
A preset that is shown at the top with a slider is a preset that actually has been applied! The only reason why such a preset would not show in the list (other than that it’s just in another group and you did not look hard enough) is if that preset applies a profile, and that profile somehow got missing after the preset was applied. A preset that applies a profile that is missing does not show in the list of presets, but I assume it will still show at the top if it was applied earlier. So check the Basic panel to see if the profile is shown as missing.
I recently moved from using a laptop to a new desktop PC. When i transferred my LRC Presets by Exporting and then Importing

To build on Johan's reply: Given the name of the original preset, "TCP Classic K14 (2020) - Color Grading", your preset most likely does refer to an enhanced profile that didn't get copied over. Many/most of these film emulation presets rely on enhanced profiles.

Your method of transferring the presets, Export Group followed by Import, would only transfer the .xmp files for the presets but not the corresponding enhanced profiles.

In the situation where a photo had a previously applied preset with its referred profile missing, the preset won't show up in the Presets panel (a LR bug) and the enhanced profile won't be marked as "missing" (arguably not a bug, since LR has stored the enhanced profile's settings and LUT in the catalog entry for the photo, allowing you to continue to edit the photo even though the profile's .xmp file is missing).

To confirm this is the issue affecting you, go to the Basic panel and look at Profile:


If it's a name that looks related to the TCP presets/profiles, or any name that doesn't start with "Adobe" or "Camera", then:

1. Click the Profile dropdown menu
2. Right-click the Adobe Raw group (or any group) and do Reset Hidden Profiles.
3. Expand all the groups by clicking their expansion triangle and look for the specific profile.

If you don't find that profile, then indeed it didn't get copied over.

See this Lightroom Queen article for how to correctly transfer all the presets and profiles when you move to a new computer:
Ok, I found the solution. The suggestions above did not quite work...but they were on the right path i.e. the problem was the profile had not imported correctly, even though it was showing when selecting the image that had used one. (see screenshot attached) I could see the Profile when selecting an image that already had used the profile, but it was not showing in the profile dropdown list. When i tried the 'Reset Hidden Profiles' this did not make any difference, the profile was still missing.
So i had to explicitly import the profile from the Profile browser (+ icon) navigate to the profile that was already on the drive and select it. Once the profile was imported the Presets appeared.
Thanks folks for helping me with that, i was under the impression that once you imported presets it brought the profile across as well....and it did indeed do this for some, but not all. Just a weird bug maybe

Anyway, thanks again