LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 & 3

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Since I introduced the plugin HSWeb, I've been thinking about a far more customisable and cleaner version of a 'Website in a Gallery' Web plugin. I've literally spent almost all my spare time rewriting this from the ground up since then. In fact all the code has been completely replaced the with new Lightroom 2.' SDK code and so is brand new. Even the Contact Form has been updated to give much prettier returns.



LRB Porfolio features.

  • [li]A true Website in a Gallery[/li]
    [li]Lightroom 2 compatible-Not for Lightroom 1[/li]
    [li]Wesbite featuring a Home, About and Contact pages, along with up to 6 galleries or external links.[/li]
    [li]A PHP contact form to make you contactable, but keeping your email address hidden.[/li]
    [li]For those without PHP, a series of contact details that you can pick and choose between, including Contact Name, Email, email link, phone number, address etc.[/li]
    [li]Choose the images for the Home, About and Contact page yourself.[/li]
    [li]Colour controls for each section of the page.[/li]
    [li]Simple clean look, with scrolling galleries, a popular look currently.[/li]
    [li]All HTML and CSS, so compatible for a wide range of users.[/li]
    [li]Full User Guide (that took a bit of time!)[/li]
    [li]Controls for menu and Identity Plate placement (left, centre, right)[/li]
    [li]Full Lightroom 2 SDK code, including new Output Sharpening code.[/li]
    [li]Requires only minor HTML for line breaks, otherwise code free for the User[/li]
    [li]Requires no HTML editor[/li]
    [li]Optional Right Click and Drag Disable[/li]
There's a wealth of stuff changed from the original proof of concept code I had with HS Web. Again, as with LRB Graduated Filters, I've put a lot of work into this and approached it as a commercial venture. I am aware though that the appeal of such a gallery is relatively limited. Most people already have a website, so something that creates an entire site is less of an appeal that a simple gallery to show off. However for those looking for something quick and easy, this gallery allows you create a whole website with a little advance preparation and some text entry. To add your email address, you edit one file in an text editor once, and then export and upload.

The cost of the plugin? €1' (about $15). VAT chargable in the EU. Updates will be free to current users. (please note this is the old introductory price from 2''8-price is now €15)

To see a sample gallery, download the User Guide to review the controls, or make a purchase, please go to
Support questions can be added to this thread.
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LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

You shouldn't. I use the same base set for testing and it doesn't change for me between iterations.
But: Save the layout/text etc as a Template. I use the same internal name for each release, so Templates should work on newer versions. If you update to a new version, make a new Template, because while they are forward compatible, they may not be filly backward compatible. Lightroom just applies the default settings to new features that aren't in old Templates, but I'm not sure if it ignores settings from new Templates with older galleries.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Sean,

Just curious if you have any idea when the update will be available?

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I've only had 1 tester come back to me.. I may just have to release it and take the flak ;)

Although he said all was fine with the additions.

Actually make that 1 tester and one user with a copy to sort another issue!
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I will be happy to test the update; where do I find the link?
Slideshow Pro and LRB Portfolio?


If I created a website using LRB Portfolio, would I be able to add slideshows using the Slideshow Pro plug-in for LR2?

Just two questions.

Hi.. I'm new to the forum so forgive me if I ask questions that have already been dealt with.

Just bought your LRB Gallery it's simplicity of design.
I have a couple of questions.

1..Is there anyway of changing the style/colour of the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the images.

2..I would love to you some SlideShow Pro slide shows in my LRB Gallery web site. ANyway of doing this?


John James
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Re SSP: it can be done, but only manually, and in a convoluted way.
Export a gallery from both plugins. using one of the gallery pages from LRB Portfolio, remove image references. Copy the code from the SSP gallery into where these references were. Make sure all the SSP components are in the root folder of the exported LRB portfolio gallery.

Could I put an SSP component in LRB Portfolio? Sure, but it's not my flash component and it's not free. And even at that it wouldn't preview correctly on Windows, due to the way IE handles plugins with Lua galleries.

As to the scroll bar colour: There is a way to do it for IE, but it's rough at best and only IE users will see it.
Has the mail.php issue been resolved?

I am using version 1.'3. I had the same issue with Lightroom not uploading a mail.php file. I manually copied the mail.html file and renamed it mail.php and that fixed my issue. I uploaded the mail.pcp using Wise. Will I need to do this after each upload done from LR or will my manually copied mail.php file remain on my host server?
Thanks, Sean.

Hi Brady,
I guess there must be a manifest issue in 1.'3, if you're the second one to see it. Yuri has confirmed it's working in a beta version of 1.1. Out if curiosity, when did you get the gallery? I'm trying to remember if I reposted the gallery with a last minute fix, and if you got it before or after the fix (it would've been within a short period after 1.'3 was announced).
The first drop went out to testers, so I should have feedback in the next few days and will fix errors they find and then release it.

For now copy the file mail.html from the package contents into the exported gallery folder and rename it to mail.php.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

It's resolved in 1.1, but I need to update the User Guide before release. I've been up the walls with work and haven't had a chance to do it.
Besides my normal work as a sound engineer, my editor at GMC is leaving in 2 1/2 weeks and I need to get my Lightroom book finished before then.

The workaround is of course to copy mail.html to the exported directory and rename it mail.php.

I'm sorry this slipped past, but I thought I had gone back and updated it to correct the issue. Unfortunately the additional code in 1.1 means I can't simply just go back to it.
Bear with me, it won't be long.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Sean, I downloaded V 1.1 but I am having issues extracting it and installing.
Have you posted some instructions for installing?

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Sean, I believe the folders are extracted but they have zero size.

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2


I used the link in the original email I received when purchasing 1.' to dl the update. There does not seem to be any versioning information on the file and it looks the same as my original dl. Is this how I am supposed to get the update?
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I have downloaded again with the same issue. I am downloading using the link ifound in the original email confirming purchase of the V1 files. Should I be downloading from a different link and if so can you provide that link?
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

That link hasn't changed Bob.
Others are not reporting an issue, so I suspect it may be something your end.

How big is the download?
Try deleting all copies from your download folder, then redownload. Put this download in an empty folder and then unzip it.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

The download is 6674'6 bytes. When I attempt to extract the files, there are two folders with zero as a size.

Also, I see no folders or files coded as V 1.1
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

The files I am downloading appear to be exactly the same name as for version 1. Is that correct? No reference to V1.1.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Sean

New to this forum and want to say thanks for the plugin. I had the same issue as stlbob, when you unzip the files it errors as there are already a number of 'k files with the same name as the folders to be unzipped. The problem only appears when trying to unzip using Vista's native zip handling. It all unzipped fine when I used WinRAR to extract the files. Hope this helps.

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I'm one version off in my zipper (BetterZip). I'll retry with another upload shortly.

Can you please reply to the download email? make sure all the text appears and I should be able to reset your download count.

Update: Rezipped with newest version of BetterZip. Fingers crossed.
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