LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 & 3

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Since I introduced the plugin HSWeb, I've been thinking about a far more customisable and cleaner version of a 'Website in a Gallery' Web plugin. I've literally spent almost all my spare time rewriting this from the ground up since then. In fact all the code has been completely replaced the with new Lightroom 2.' SDK code and so is brand new. Even the Contact Form has been updated to give much prettier returns.



LRB Porfolio features.

  • [li]A true Website in a Gallery[/li]
    [li]Lightroom 2 compatible-Not for Lightroom 1[/li]
    [li]Wesbite featuring a Home, About and Contact pages, along with up to 6 galleries or external links.[/li]
    [li]A PHP contact form to make you contactable, but keeping your email address hidden.[/li]
    [li]For those without PHP, a series of contact details that you can pick and choose between, including Contact Name, Email, email link, phone number, address etc.[/li]
    [li]Choose the images for the Home, About and Contact page yourself.[/li]
    [li]Colour controls for each section of the page.[/li]
    [li]Simple clean look, with scrolling galleries, a popular look currently.[/li]
    [li]All HTML and CSS, so compatible for a wide range of users.[/li]
    [li]Full User Guide (that took a bit of time!)[/li]
    [li]Controls for menu and Identity Plate placement (left, centre, right)[/li]
    [li]Full Lightroom 2 SDK code, including new Output Sharpening code.[/li]
    [li]Requires only minor HTML for line breaks, otherwise code free for the User[/li]
    [li]Requires no HTML editor[/li]
    [li]Optional Right Click and Drag Disable[/li]
There's a wealth of stuff changed from the original proof of concept code I had with HS Web. Again, as with LRB Graduated Filters, I've put a lot of work into this and approached it as a commercial venture. I am aware though that the appeal of such a gallery is relatively limited. Most people already have a website, so something that creates an entire site is less of an appeal that a simple gallery to show off. However for those looking for something quick and easy, this gallery allows you create a whole website with a little advance preparation and some text entry. To add your email address, you edit one file in an text editor once, and then export and upload.

The cost of the plugin? €1' (about $15). VAT chargable in the EU. Updates will be free to current users. (please note this is the old introductory price from 2''8-price is now €15)

To see a sample gallery, download the User Guide to review the controls, or make a purchase, please go to
Support questions can be added to this thread.
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LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Sean, many thanks for the "website in a Gallery" I have limitted knowledge around IT but with the attached instructions I was able to install the software. Once done I linked my "ftp" server (now that saves a heck of a lot of time) and this software will, look pretty neat in my website gallery (had a dummy run). I am off to the Isles of Scilly, next week, and once home will name a website gallery "Isles of Scilly" and within this I will be able to have "sub galleries", ie Gallery 1 Landscape, Gallery 2 Birds, Gallery 3 Flora....etc.

Thanks for all your hard work,
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Dave, to do the sub gallery thing, create a new gallery folder called islesofscilly or similar and use on the the external links in the main gallery to go to it (e.g.
Then make the website gallery, but change home html page to ../index.html, about.html to ../about.html and contact.html to ../contact.html. This will make them work from either website set. Then upload the new LRB Portfolio gallery to the subfolder 'islesofscilly'. Hope this helps.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I'm back to work..

So far:
Tick box for home page text, unticking will centre the image and remove text.
New font section for Body Font Size and Family, Headline Font Size and Variant.

Any more requests on this before I send it for testing?
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Would be awesome if possible:

- ability to to turn on/off open in new window on all menu links
- ability to import a jpeg or pattern to use as a background rather than only solid color
- ability to sample colors outside of palette

Thanks for what ever you are able to make happen!
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2;2545' said:
Would be awesome if possible:

- ability to to turn on/off open in new window on all menu links

You'll need to put up a good argument for this Steve. While I accept the need for it for external links to keep the site visible, I don't see why you need it internally in the website. Adding it would make for a *lot* more clutter in the already overloaded Site Info panel.;2545' said:
- ability to import a jpeg or pattern to use as a background rather than only solid color

Already on my mind Steve, just need an easy way to do it. I've a few potential ways.;2545' said:
- ability to sample colors outside of palette

Er.. you can already do this. It's a Lightroom feature, not a gallery feature.
Click in the colour picker and keep the mouse/pen held down, then drag anywhere outside the picker and release at the preferred point to sample that colour.
Mail script not working

First of all, thanks a lot for this template. It sure looks very good! I do have one problem with the contact form. If I export my LRB portfolio there is no mail file generated. If I look in the package, I do see a mail.html (and I updated the recipient). I also noticed that the action target for the contact.html is mail.php and not mail.html. Am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards,

Yuri Burger
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I see you cross posted in a blog post not intended for support.

As per the reply to that posting:

"The mail.html file gets converted to mail.php when the contact form is created. It wont get created unless the form is specifically switched on.

Let me peek in case a typo or something silly is preventing creation. It was definitely working during testing, but that doesn't mean that I didn't accidently enter or delete characters before saving.

Nope. The mail.php file is correctly generated when the form is switched on, and not created when it is off.
You can't use mail.php locally unless you have a php server installed on your machine, it needs to be online to work. Again the server must have php installed and safe mode off. For this reason you have the non php settings."
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Thanx for the reply and sorry for the cross-post. Well, strange thing is, the mail.php doesn't get generated at all. But the contact.html with the form and send button does. I tried switching the form off and on again, but no mail.php. BTW, I use the Export button and not the Upload button.. don't know if that makes any difference. I can't upload directly so, I copy the files manually.

Edit: I removed the web gallery and reinstalled it again. Didn't modify any files, just did the export. Unfortunately didn't help.

Regards, Yuri
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Sounds odd seeing as the conditional code for creating the mail.php is the same as for the galleries. If it doesn't generate, then the galleries shouldn't either. Can you add you computer profile to your sig here, so I know you computer configuration? It's in the user CP link at the top of the page.
Worst case scenario is I'll send you a modified manifest file.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

I added the signature. And if you want you can check the uploaded website at: . I don't know if that helps.... In this one, I actually did alter the mail.html file, because I translated it to dutch.

thanks for your support, much appreciated.

regards, Yuri
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

That's fine Yuri, but you need to change the ending from .html to .php for it to work.

I have the 2.53 MBP, so I'm really surprised to see that you're having this issue on a machine where it works fine for me.
Can you send me your email address via Private Message?
Not generating mail.php file

Hi Sean -
I am very pleased with your plug-in design (v. 1.'3) Thanks again.
I seem to be having an issue similar to Yuri's where when I export the files, my folder contains the contact.html file but does not have a mail.php file.
I did change my mail address in the lrbwebengine.
Any ideas?

Thanks - Brady
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Brady,
I guess there must be a manifest issue in 1.'3, if you're the second one to see it. Yuri has confirmed it's working in a beta version of 1.1. Out if curiosity, when did you get the gallery? I'm trying to remember if I reposted the gallery with a last minute fix, and if you got it before or after the fix (it would've been within a short period after 1.'3 was announced).
The first drop went out to testers, so I should have feedback in the next few days and will fix errors they find and then release it.

For now copy the file mail.html from the package contents into the exported gallery folder and rename it to mail.php.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Thanks Sean for your quick response,
I did download 1.'3 shorly after it's release (I think). I looked at some tests I did with 1.1 and the mail.php file was generated there for me too.
I'll try the fix from the package contents.

Question regarding gallery size

Hi Sean,

Loved the gallery and can't wait to see the new one your working on (with the scroll bar on the bottom).

Just one question - I know in the gallery you said 1'' pictures is plenty for a portfolio gallery...... but I have a lot more than that on my current site already.

Is it possible to change the html codeing to allow more than 1'' images? or is this a limitaiton of the LR2 engine?

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Al, the total number is capped at 5'' for the whole gallery, but at 1'' per gallery page. It's arbitrary, but loading 1'' 1''-2''Kb images in one gallery takes a lot of time to download for preview. Most passing users won't wait that long.
doh !

I kept misreading your guide as limited to 1'' per SITE, not 1'' per PAGE.
Phew, now I'm a happy guy.

Thanks again !
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hello Sean -
You are correct, I had 1.'1.
Rather than re-download 1.'3, I grabbed a mail.php file from the out-put of a trial website I built with 1.'1, added it to my folder on the server and it Works.
If I do re-download 1.'3, will I lose any of the saved/updated work I've done to my site in LR?
Thanks - Brady
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