LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2 & 3

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Since I introduced the plugin HSWeb, I've been thinking about a far more customisable and cleaner version of a 'Website in a Gallery' Web plugin. I've literally spent almost all my spare time rewriting this from the ground up since then. In fact all the code has been completely replaced the with new Lightroom 2.' SDK code and so is brand new. Even the Contact Form has been updated to give much prettier returns.



LRB Porfolio features.

  • [li]A true Website in a Gallery[/li]
    [li]Lightroom 2 compatible-Not for Lightroom 1[/li]
    [li]Wesbite featuring a Home, About and Contact pages, along with up to 6 galleries or external links.[/li]
    [li]A PHP contact form to make you contactable, but keeping your email address hidden.[/li]
    [li]For those without PHP, a series of contact details that you can pick and choose between, including Contact Name, Email, email link, phone number, address etc.[/li]
    [li]Choose the images for the Home, About and Contact page yourself.[/li]
    [li]Colour controls for each section of the page.[/li]
    [li]Simple clean look, with scrolling galleries, a popular look currently.[/li]
    [li]All HTML and CSS, so compatible for a wide range of users.[/li]
    [li]Full User Guide (that took a bit of time!)[/li]
    [li]Controls for menu and Identity Plate placement (left, centre, right)[/li]
    [li]Full Lightroom 2 SDK code, including new Output Sharpening code.[/li]
    [li]Requires only minor HTML for line breaks, otherwise code free for the User[/li]
    [li]Requires no HTML editor[/li]
    [li]Optional Right Click and Drag Disable[/li]
There's a wealth of stuff changed from the original proof of concept code I had with HS Web. Again, as with LRB Graduated Filters, I've put a lot of work into this and approached it as a commercial venture. I am aware though that the appeal of such a gallery is relatively limited. Most people already have a website, so something that creates an entire site is less of an appeal that a simple gallery to show off. However for those looking for something quick and easy, this gallery allows you create a whole website with a little advance preparation and some text entry. To add your email address, you edit one file in an text editor once, and then export and upload.

The cost of the plugin? €1' (about $15). VAT chargable in the EU. Updates will be free to current users. (please note this is the old introductory price from 2''8-price is now €15)

To see a sample gallery, download the User Guide to review the controls, or make a purchase, please go to
Support questions can be added to this thread.
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LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

It's been back and forth with testers over the last month, some of whom frequent here, so it should be in great shape. Right Click disable, PHP replyto, and the addition of the Subject box in the Contact form are all requests from testers. I also welcome feature requests from current users. If it's possible I'll attempt to get it in.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Just what i've been looking for and looks good for the price. Good Job !

I have the same problem with the white border and the 'hidden'menu issue listed on the blog page. My laptop is quite small though. 15.4 inches. Is there any code that can be added to resize the page according to the viewers spec.

Also Is it possible to make the contact page the same dimensions as the other pages.It seems to be bigger.Why is this ?You can see this better in full screen mode.

Using your sample if I go to full screen in mozilla i can view all of the menu items however in IE it cuts off the last entry.

I am not very pc literate so sorry if the above points are stoopid.

Will be buying this soon !

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Boy you have been hard at work, Sean. No wonder you were hesitant at taking the Mod badge!

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hey rjd,
I've tested it under IE on boot camp and a lot of my testers use IE and I haven't seen this.
I actually developed this on a 15" Macbook Pro at 144'X9''..
Can you post a screen shot so I can see? The IE specific code made it all line up for me, so I'd be happy to see and solve the issue.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Sean ,

Thanks for replying to my message.

i may have a bout of good old mad cows disease or maybe my computer has ( dell inspiron 6''').

Anyway its no biggie and i hope that i am not leading you a merry dance as it were but i have attached the screen dump of my full page view when i hit F11 in IE and firefox.

As you can see the firefox f11 page fits the screen perfec where the IE page F11 has a scrollbar and the last menu item is cut off. I am a jackass when it comes to computers so maybe its my computer settings ?

The 'real' problem i had ( and this is being anal ) was the fact that the contact page is bigger than the other pages . I like the web site pages to be all the same size/dimension.Can this be fixed ?

Can you pm me in order to avoid my embarrassment:lol:


LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

rjd;21'53 said:

Can you pm me in order to avoid my embarrassment:lol:

Please let us know the answers to the questions here, we can all learn stuff together...

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Sean McCormack;21'2' said:
Hey rjd,
I've tested it under IE on boot camp


I've been testing the LRB as you know, and could not repeat this behavior rjd describes. In fact, it looks great; congrats for a very nice looking photographers site!
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Clicio, remember the menu code wouldn't let you move the menu? I rewrote that whole section and one of the changes added one too many width=1''% settings and forced it over. Fixed in my current beta version, but not out yet as I'm testing the music player feature and refining features. I'll just note here and now that as this is a flash music player, it WILL NOT preview on PC due to how IE handles plugins. It's one of the only shortcomings of programming for Web in Lua. It will show in Preview in Browser just fine (with Flash installed).
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hey Sean,
First let me say thanks for produceing something that ive been looking to get my hands on for so long , a side scrolling gallery , plus youve included in LR2.' to boot!!
Its easy to use and customize and for 1.' its got some cool features that most of us need.

The only request i would have is if its possible to put the Id Plate on the bottom rather then the top of the pages as that means the gallery is seen much quicker at the top of the page rather then moveing down the page... simple put the less scrolling the user has to do the better in my view...
Anyway , i bought it only about 2 days ago and look forward to seeing the improvements, i suspect this item is going to be a winner world wide with LR 2.' users.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hey Peter,
What I've done in the current 1.'1 beta is added control that sets the distance from the top, so rather than be fixed at 1''px as it is currently, you can choose from '-2''px..
Swap code wouldn't actually work without changing big parts of the internals.
Beta ?

Hi ,
I wasnt aware there was a beta, where could i download it from?
Btw are you going to do a Mailing list for the updates so we all know there is a new version out ??
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hello Sean,
Good stuff. Thanks.
A couple of questions, if not bugs:

1) does your template have a probelm exporting virtual copies?
Everytime I tried to create a web page using the template it seemed to hang on virtual copy photos. I exported using a std LR2 html template and the same collection exported fine.

2) I wrote you an email re this earlier, I add it here: In short, the resultant web sites do not resolve well in opera. using your test sites it either ignores the scroll bar, and creates a page of photos, or squishes the photos to about 2-5 pixels wide. I can send you screen snaps if that would help.

LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Feature Request: About the number of picts and the gallery distribution.

I dont know if this is difficult or not.
It seems a difficult requirement to have to have an exact number of photos in each gallery.
For example I may have 2' portraits, but only 15 travel shots I would like to use. The current mode requires that I come up w/ 5 more travel shots, or some sort of filler.

I wonder if this makes sense:

> have a field for the maximum picts that will be in any given gallery. Ie, instead of entering say 2', and then multiplying that by the number of galleries. Enter a number that will be the largest number of picts.

> add a field to each gallery field set which is the number of picts designated for this gallery.

then you could loop thru the collection sequentually, as i suppose you are doing now. But instead of counting a fixed number for each page, you could start the next page when the value was reached.

Alternatively, and frankly better, would be to indicate the maxnumber of picts in the set.
then the individual gallery counts should add to that number.
then distribute the picts sequentially to the pages, according to the individual gallary counts.

it would seem that this would not create much extra work?

but then... i have never programmed a LR web page template!

I hope I have not been simplistic, or offensive.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Michael,
You didn't email me. You posted a comment on the blog which I replied to.
As I said in the reply you haven't read:
The gallery resolves perfectly for me in Opera 9.51 (and did so in an older version of 9). If you are using older versions which ignore the css overflow property, there's nothing I can do.
I test all the galleries in Safari, Firefox, Camino, Opera and IE under Boot Camp. Opera accounted for 1.2% of traffic to last month compared to 36.4 for IE, 29.8 for Firefox and 7.8% for Safari. The news reader NetNewsWire was 4.2% and I don't exactly check for that. In fact NewsGator and NewFire are higher than Opera. If a site resolves reasonably well in IE and Firefox, great. Safari should be okay as I see it in Lightroom Mac. Beyond that it's impossible to keep track of.

I have a test gallery with 4 images and 2' virtual copies, it resolves with no issues. You'll need to give more detail if we're to resolve it from your end. Does it work with Preview in Browser?

For filler images, create a blank image, the same colour as the image area background colour. Or when you export, delete the references to those filler images in the appropriate exported gallery.html file. Much quicker to delete code than to insert it.

As to individual image numbers in each gallery: It would be quite a lot of work to do and even more work to explain to the user what to do.
Even the current setup with the first incarnation HSWeb confused people.
Having to enter number of images for each gallery page, and then sorting to that in one collection would certainly make the gallery much less useful and usable.

I thought in detail about this before I even took the current method and on the surface is looks okay..
gallery1=1 to g1total
gallery2=g1total+1 to g2total etc...
What happens when someone leaves out gallery3 and uses gallery4? Where do the image counts come from? That's an awful lot of <% if $model.nonCSS.gallery3 do %>currenttotal=g1total+g2total etc...
to resolve the correct totals.

There is another way which I considered halfway up a mountain (as we call our hills here). Have single galleries to drop in to replace the gallery.html pages. And this will be the plan of attack when the next version has been released.

Hopefully you can see that it's not willy nilly and that a fair bit of thought goes in (along with a lot of hair pulling bending Lua around).
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Hi Peter,
I missed the second post.
There isn't a beta available to the general public. I have a list of testers that I've worked with on a number of projects that can test to code level. Clicio for example was good with PHP issues I was having. Plus I know them from other projects.

All the downloads have email addresses and I can send out to them. It's not that many people that have got a copy!
Problems with Safari

Sean - I purchased LRB Portfolio 1.' a few days ago because I really like the look and it will save me a lot of coding in revising my website. I just uploaded my galleries to test them out and I have a problem. I am using a Mac and my main browser is Safari. I have the default 2' images in 5 galleries, and in Safari all of the images do not load. Instead I get a few images and dots! I can't check on a PC right now (will tomorrow), but Firefox on my Mac works perfectly. I noticed a mention that someone had a problem with Opera, and I think I remember Opera and Safari having similarities. Anyway, any suggestions? The link to site is Thanks, LindaQ
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Quick follow-up to the last message. I jumped the gun, as Safari did load the images, but only after a few tries. Any idea why Safari would be so much slower than Firefox? As I said, I will test with Firefox & IE on a PC tomorrow. LindaQ
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

Haven't had a chance to look Linda, but I know the Right Click disable code causes load issues in Safari.
I'll be using a different method from this in the next release, due shortly.

Just checked.. I'd say it's the disable code.

I only found out that after release, despite the fact that I use and test in Safari myself. That particular code is common on the net, with no indication that safari has an issue with it.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

in the next release, due shortly.

It is working fine around here.
Is the next one the final release?
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

As long as everything works and is stable.
I have 1 'known issue' but it's a quirk, so not fixable.. the silder for number of images works as does hovering over the number. Entering a number directly doesn't update immediately, you need to click the silder, or another control.
LRB Portfolio: Website in a Gallery for Lightroom 2

FYI, that link:
my results on Windows XPSP3

Opera 9.5.1 fine
IE7 fine
Safari 3.1 not so hot - galleries truncated to right
Chrome - not so hot - same as Safari
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