LR6 W10 Locking Up in Library Module - Don't see this problem here with others.

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Jun 6, 2012
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Searching this forum I can't find this problem I'm having with LR6 and have had for a while. It has persisted even after building a new high end PC thinking initially the old PC's CPU and/or amount of memory was the problem.

Problem - when maneuvering through folders in the Library module and/or collections after a few minutes, LR will lock up. Have to force close the program to recover. It will lock up again after moving around the folders in Library module again. Sometimes LR is consuming alot of memory, but most of the time it isn't. Graphics card option is not selected (problem occured when it was as well). This is a high end i7 CPU (6700K at 400MHz) with 32GB of Memory.

I only have one LR catalogue and moved it over a long time ago from LR5 which didn't exhibit this problem though it was on the older less capable PC . Catalog is large (100,000+ pictures). I don't see any corruption in the catalogue (no errors when opening or closing it). I backup the catalogue with the Optimization open regularly (every other time I use LR).

Any suggestions on why LR is doing this and a potential fix?

Thanks in advance for the help.

- Robert
There could be a LR Plugin interfering. But the first this I would try would be to force LR to create a new Preferences file. There could be something in the preferences file that is left over from some ancient Plugin to setting that might have existed in LR5.
If an new preferences file does not solve your problem then tackle the Plugins by disabling all of them in the Plugin in Manager, If that solves your issue, then reenable each plugin one by one to see if you ca find the offending plugin.
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