LR6.14 License Conundrum?

Felix Culpa

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Aug 14, 2019
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I had purchased LR6.14 legally and the serial number is registered on my Adobe Account; I had been using it successfully on two computers for awhile. With a new computer, I "de-registered" my "perpetual License" LR 6.14 from an older win7 computer to comply with the "2 computer" restriction and provide access for a new installation. Using that serial number for my new installation of the software, it reports that the license limit has been reached and is no longer valid. The "trial period" for running LR6.14 w/out a license has expired. Contacting Adobe, all they will tell me is that that version is no longer supported. Has anyone experienced this issue or is able to advise me how to get LR6.14 to run on a second new win10 computer, given what I explained above? I relied on the term "perpetual" (and it's 2 computer limitation) ..... but am wondering if/how Adobe intends to honor it's agreement.
Jun 20, 2009
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I think you need to speak with some one else at Adobe. First attempt to deregister the license from all of your computers at the Account management page at Adobe. Then one at a time register your two computers. If you are unsuccessful at this, you need to Contact Adobe about the trouble you are having at deregistering and reregistering your valid license. The problem is not with LR6, but at the Adobe site which validates licenses. Do not accept the quick answer that LR6 is no longer supported. You are not asking for support, you are asking for help registering a product.