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Dec 31, 2007
Hi All

I know there are many LR experts here, and so my apologies if this tip seems a little too 'easy', but nonetheless I thought I'd prepare a few screenshots that illustrate how to create a neat and tidy drop-shadow effect as a watermark for your images, using the excellent LR2/Mogrify plug-in.

1. The Effect
Firstly, here's the effect we can create (bottom right of image);

2. Text Annotation Lines
We need to make sure we have at least two available lines for the text annotation. So, please ensure you have inserted these two lines from LR2/Mogrify configuration screen on the left of the file export window;

This will ensure that Text Annotation is available for two lines of text.

3. Set the first line of text
Us the settings shown below to add your first text line. Of course, you can use whatever font & size you desire, and also choose which of the 9 areas you want the watermark to appear in.
  1. Choose a dark colour for this setting, as this is the watermark drop shadow colour
  2. Choose a setting of around 7'% for the opacity.

4. Set the second line of text

Make sure you use the same text, the same font and size, and of course the same one of 9 locations for this text. This time, we want to offset the text by a few pixels, choose a lighter colour, and change the opacity - to create our drop shadow effect.
  1. Make sure the colour here is lighter that the first colour, this will be our foreground text colour
  2. Change the opacity as desired
  3. Use a suggested offset of 2 for horizontal and vertical which does as it says, it places the text for this annotation 2 pixels up and 2 pixels right, which when placed over the text in annotation 1, creates our drop shadow effect.

Very simple I appreciate, but hopefully it might prove helpful to one or two people.



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Oct 8, 2007
The Netherlands
This is a neat trick. Thanks.

Brad Snyder

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Nov 20, 2007
Port Deposit, Maryland USA
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