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LR with Synology Moments workflow?

Jun 27, 2016
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I have a new Synology NAS and am contemplating using their new Moments app for photo sharing. Just curious if anyone else uses this product and what your workflow looks like.

I believe photos need to be uploaded to the NAS using a tool/app installed on a PC and not simply copied to a shared folder on the NAS. I have well over 20,000 jpg's already stored on a shared folder on the NAS... this now implies i need to move them to my PC, then re-upload using the Moments app tool.

Today my workflow looks like this (I shoot RAW):

1. Import RAW from SD card to a local NVME drive on my PC
2. Cull/sort/Edit all images on ultra fast storage
3. Export keepers to JPG format in the same folder (adding to the LR catalog and stacking with the associated NEF's)
4 . Manual upload to Flikr / ShutterFly / whatever..
5. Move (using LR) to the proper folder structure on my NAS for permanent storage in my catalog.