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LR wants to import ALL iphoto's?


Jun 5, 2010
Los Angeles
For awhile I had been using dropboxes image capture to gather my iphone photos and then once there was enough to worry about I would import them into LR.

I stopped using the dropbox capture because they had a glitch (which has been resolved), but now if I plug my iphone into LR it wants to import all (thousands) of images even though most are duplicates?

Is there a way to "teach" LR not to import all those previously imported photos?


Jul 2, 2015
Lightroom Experience
Power User
Lightroom Version
There is another thread about exactly the same subject, so it looks like Dropbox is doing something to these photos which makes Lightroom think that they are different. If that is true, there may be little you can do about it. New photos not identified
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