LR reduces the size of my pictures when set 1:1 (sometimes!)

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Jul 20, 2015
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Operating System:Macbook Pro 2015 on 10.11.6
Exact Lightroom Version (Help menu > System Info):5.7
I have been scanning some film and importing it into LR. If the scan is for example 5000x5000 pixels and I click on 1:1, then sometimes the picture will show at approximately 2 screens wide as it should, the Mac being 2880 pixels wide. At other times it will appear at less than full screen at 1:1. I even have one where the negative shows about 8x the size of the positive version but LR is showing them to be the same pixel size in the metadata box.
If I look at one of these 'smaller' pictures in Finder on the Mac and click 1:1 it shows it full size i.e. roughly 2 screens wide, so the problem does not appear to be in the scanned file. It also happens whether I use VueScan or the Epson provided software. Any help out there?
Next time that this happens, can you make a screenshot that shows the pixel size (either in the metadata panel or as overlay on the image) and the Navigator?
Here are the screenshots. It doesn't just happen occasionally in the sense of sometimes an image will appear at the right size and other times it won't, once it has happened to a particular photo it will always happen to that particular photo, but other photos it never happens to.
Screen Shot 1 to 1.jpg Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 14.11.39.jpg Screen Shot fit.jpg I have just deleted one of the problem images and re-imported it from my backup folder and lo it is working correctly.
I don't understand the first and the third screenshots. What am I looking at? Is that the entire screen? Or is it just the middle part of the Lightroom window?

I have just deleted one of the problem images and re-imported it from my backup folder and lo it is working correctly.
That suggests it's something with the images after all.
Sorry I was expecting the screen grab to record the information that appeared on the photos but it didn't. The first photo is a full screen version of the image in screenshot 2 and the third image is a fullscreen view set to "fit". I hope that now makes sense. At virtually 5,000 pixels across only about half of the image should appear in full screen view at 1:1.
OK. I have been working on the problem all afternoon and this is what I have found. When I start to re-import an image LR tells me that it already has it. If I re-import it anyway and then try and delete the original (showing as smaller) image LR tells me that it cannot delete the original from the disc because it cannot find it. Strangely it did not show an exclamation mark in the top right corner of the image to let me know that it could not find that image. I can solve the problem by going through the catalogue and re-importing all the images which appear smaller and then deleting the original, which is what I have started to do. Is there any way that I can resolve the problem more efficiently?
Hello again,
If I use 'Find all missing photos' does LR put them back into the LR5cat because if not it will be using my backups and in effect I won't have any backups for those images?
Find missing photos only tells you which photos are missing, it doesn't actually find where they went. You'll have to copy your backup photos back where they belong yourself. Also, you should be aware that the collection of missing photos that gets produced by the command isn't dynamic: after you fix up some of the missing images, you need to re-issue the command to see what the current situation is.
That is a great help Hal, I now know how I will work.I was just being very optimistic and hoping LR would find them and put them back in the fold for me!
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