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LR Performance During Keywording

Discussion in 'Website Suggestions & Comments' started by DWU2, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. DWU2

    DWU2 New Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Lightroom Experience:
    Primary OS:
    Windows 10
    I've been having performance problems during keywording. Keywording works fine initially, and gets gradually less and less responsive. In addition, selecting photos gets less responsive, and sometimes clicks for selection are ignored. Leaving LR and restarting temporarily resolves the issue, but additional keywording causes gradual degradation.

    I've seen a couple of threads on this forum on this topic before, from over 2 years ago. They are:
    Is anyone seeing performance issues with LR 5.2?
    Is anyone seeing performance issues with LR 5.2?

    As you can see, these pertained to LR 5.2, and there wasn't a solution at the time.

    Here's my system configuration:
    Win10 Home Edition V. 6607, OS build 14393576, 64 bit
    Intel I7-4790 3.60 GHZ
    16G RAM
    8GB DDR3
    Nvidia Geforce GT-720 PCIe/SSE2 with 2GB
    LR CC 2015.8 with graphic processor checked in use in LR
    Ample HD space

    So, is there a solution to this issue, other than constantly restarting LR? Is this a known issue that Adobe is already working on?


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  2. clee01l

    clee01l Senior Member Staff Member Moderator Lightroom Guru

    Jun 20, 2009
    Bellaire, TX USA
    Lightroom Experience:
    Power User
    Primary OS:
    Mac 10.13.x High Sierra
    Lightroom Version:
    Classic 7
    It does not surprise me that there are some known memory leaks that have not been traced in LRCC2015.8. If you can take a look at Windows memory usage while running LR you can find out if there any run away processes. You might also disable the GPU acceleration to see if this makes a difference.

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