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LR not applying nearest ISOs default develop settings

Russell Banks

Nov 17, 2016
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Lightroom Classic version: 8.3
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  1. macOS 10.14 Mojave
With my old LR v6, I recall that if you saved ISO-specific develop settings and imported a file that had an ISO close to, but not exactly matching the saved setting, LR would apply settings for the closest saved setting.

For example, if you saved settings for ISO 200 and 400, and imported an ISO 250 file, it would apply the develop settings you’d saved for ISO 200.

However, I’ve just started using the current LR Classic, it doesn’t apply any develop settings unless there’s a setting saved for that exact ISO.

Do I now have to save a setting for every possible ISO?

I sometimes shoot with the camera on auto-ISO, and can end up with a number of different ISOs.
Sep 29, 2007
Isle of Wight, UK
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Hey Russell, sorry we missed this thread. Yup, it's exact ISO's, always has been. You may be able to set your camera not to do part-stop ISO's though.


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Jan 13, 2017
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I don't recall it ever picking an ISO on it's own. Perhaps you had another setting of some type. To make that work for me I set my camera to full stop ISO's. 100, 200, 400, 800 and so on. I had about 10 master files per camera, one for each ISO. I set specific NR for each file then applied Develop Settings. To manage using mid stop ISO's would have been very difficult.

I then came across this plug-in. Now I set my camera to use all the ISO values and I only need one master file. Some will argue you don't need a master but for me a quick glance reminds me of all my Develop Settings I apply at import. Easier to make changes.

This is pretty good. It uses logarithmic formulas to apply NR based on ISO.