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Feb 1, 2008
Hi all,

I'm on week 2 with LR, learning tons, have been doing my best to read/research to avoid unnecessary posts, think I've done alright so far, and I'm loving LR more and more...!

I've tried looking this up, can't find anything -- still being new this will likely sound like a dumb question, if not nit-picking and a small issue to boot... :roll:

It seems upon both import and export of photos to/from LR, the "software" field in the EXIF data gets changed to something like this: Ver.1.''

This is the data that is set for the software field regardless if you're looking at it within LR or with an external editor/viewer/software after export from LR.

Just to clarify... for example, if I use PS to edit a photo and Save As, the software field in the EXIF data will show: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh (or "... CS2 Windows" etc. from earlier photos).

I didn't think anything of it until I started getting questions from friends/family/co-workers/clients about some of the photos I've exported from LR... Usually it will be a question along the lines of "did that shot come straight from your camera? Excellent shot!"

When comments along these lines come my way these people have invariably looked at the "software" field in the EXIF, if they see CS3, CS2 etc they know it's been adjusted/tweaked or if it's a jpg straight from the cam (sometimes I shoot jpg, sometimes RAW, sometimes both) the EXIF will show something along the lines of Ver.x.xx

Sure, I'd love to edit in LR, export and have people think I'm just that good straight from the cam... but I know better, more importantly, I'd like people to know which shots have been altered (even if it's just a crop) and which are from the cam.

Is there a way to have that field say something like "Adobe Lightroom 1.x.x" or some such? Am I missing something terribly obvious? If not, why the generic data? I guess I could educate everyone on the diffs between "Ver.1.''" and "Ver.2.2'" (LR seems to leave it at the former), but as firmware etc changes, that'll get to be a pain.

Cheers, Sean

Edit to add: Thought about scrapping the whole idea 2 mins after posting: Just realized (remembered?) that I import everything into LR regardless of format (RAW, jpg) so, like most, I can catalog/keyword etc everything. That kinda makes this thread moot point, b/c theoretically upon export every image, altered or not, it would show the same the data in the software field, regardless of non-destructive editing. That said, I don't think I can delete the post, plus I'm still interested in what experienced users think about this or if it's been mentioned elsewhere?

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LOL Sean. Glad you've answered that one!
Feb 1, 2008
Thanks Victoria, glad you got a chuckle out of it, not so sure about those who would like their 3' seconds back would agree... I'm thinking, a lil bit anyhow.

Cheers, Sean