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LR Classic 9.2 - SmugMug Albums - Generic "Maximum album count exceeded (7)

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Jan 19, 2019
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9.2 Build 202001311240-2d026470
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  1. macOS 10.15 Catalina
I'm running LR Classic 9.2 on OS X 10.15.2. I'm trying to build SmugMug albums with the SmugMug plugin. I have quite a few albums and galleries defined, but when I'm trying to publish to them, I'm seeing "Maximum album count exceeded (7)" (see attached screencap). The problem is that I can't tell where this message is coming from, or why I'm seeing it.

I have more than 7 galleries on SmugMug and they seem to be working right. From this smugmug support page I see I can have "as many galleries as you wish" with up to 5k photos in each gallery. Granted, a couple albums have a couple thousand pix in them, but not near the 5k limit. There's nothing really special about the pictures in the screen-cap list, they're only 6Mpx images.

Any thought why this error is being thrown at me or where it comes from?


  • Album_count_exceeded.png
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are you uploading them all at once as new galleries? It might be to many for a single publish session. Or updating settings on all. try doing one gallery at a time. If it isn't that, I have no clue.
Thanks! I'll try one at a time, quitting between each upload.

And I can't believe I misspelled the subject line... :)
So... It turns out that although the SmugMug album in LRC shows only 3,400 photos, the SmugMug album had exactly 5,000 items in it (which is their limit). Now I need to find out why those numbers are so far off, and then will need to go through all my other albums to see if I can find out why the numbers are wrong.

What I may do is just delete, then recreate all my SmugMug Albums to ensure they're accurate.

Can you explain the purpose of having a single album with 5000 images? As someone who enjoys looking at others' albums on Flickr, I find it more user-friendly to break it down to multiple sub-albums, to make viewing a manageable task.
There's a sync that will attempt to find SM stored images inside LR if you think the rest are actually there. It can also degrade into showing you lots of false positives so use with some awareness.

Of course if you know your collection is right, deleting SM and recreating is easy -- just a couple puttings (and a lot of waiting).
John Little: The purpose? To distribute family images to family quickly and easily. They're not meant to be browsed by anybody other than family (they're all private pictures). My public Gallery is made up of albums with 30-40 images, just like they should be. These are private, special use cases.

And Ferguson: That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to wipe the entire set of family albums, then regenerate them. The only thing it costs me is the time it takes to move a bunch of electrons (and in todays world, photons) from one place to another.

Thanks to all for the feedback.

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