Import LR CC 8.1 import failures


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Mar 12, 2017
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Lightroom Version
CC 8.1
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Windows 10
I have been using LR CC 8.1 as a stand-alone programme without any problems until earlier this week when I tried importing images from my camera SD card. LR hung for a short while then came up with a message: "Could not copy a file to the destination folder because it is not writeable or there is not enough free space (4)" and listed the RAW files.
I'm running Windows 10 64 bit on a desktop with 16Mb of RAM and the destination drive, which is unprotected, has over 350Gb of free space.
Importing the SAME images from the SD card to another drive worked perfectly, so I suspected the problem lay with the drive.
I ran chkdsk on this drive and the drive where I keep the .lrcat file and both passed without any problem. I (long) formatted the images drive and copied over the images from the previous day's backup (when everything had worked fine) but no improvement.
Prior to this while looking at the original drive in Explorer (the one that was " not writeable or did not have enough free space"!), I noted that LR had created TempParent folders containing the very images I had attempted to import! I have tried the same import again and again and it comes up with the same message and creates more TempPatrent folders containing the images.
This suggests a problem with LR rather than the destination drive, so the next step would be to uninstall and re-install LR but I am rather hoping someone will know of an easier fix.