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Library module LR catalog on separate HDD will not work on 2 computers

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Apr 5, 2019
Lightroom Version Number
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
I have my pictures and the LR catalog on a separate HDD.
If I import the pictures to the HDD and into LR on my laptop everything works fine,
When I then connect the HDD to my desktop an opens LR from the catlog at the HDD, LR starts but then I get G´"greyed out" foldThis phenomen started earlir this summer, pictures imported earlier works well.
If I then try to relink the missing folder, instead of relinking the whole folder dissappears from LR although the folder still is on the HDD visible in Windows.

Solutions appreciated

The problem is almost certainly caused by the fact that the external drive that contains the catalog and images likely has a different drive letter on each system. If you're going to switch the drive between two systems it's a good idea to make sure the drive letter is the same on both. You CAN simply re-link the photos to the different drive letter each time you switch systems, and that should work if you only relink the top parent folder (all sub-folders will then reconnect automatically). The folder that "disappeared from LR" when you relinked it to the different drive letter should still be in the catalog, but will appear under a separate drive in the Folders Panel....check for that, and if it's still not showing please post a screenshot of the Folders Panel.
As a matter of personal policy, I always allocate a drive letter to internal or external hard drives (with the exception of the C drive) to letters in the second half of the alphabet (ie M-Z). Where possible, I might use letters which might have some meaning.... Such as P for Photos, Q for backup of P (because P & Q make a logical pair), T for Thunderbolt Enclosure, N for Nas drive, etc.

When inserting USB style fob keys, Windows may allocate the next logical drive letter (eg say D or E) . If your external drive has a letter E and it is plugged in after the USB fob key then your normal letter E for your external drive may be allocated the next available letter F .... so Lr will be looking for your files on E and they are now on F.

By allocating drive letters much higher in the alphabet to your spinning (or ssd) drives, you minimise in a big way the possibility of such confusion.

Here is a link to Microsoft documentation on this

A google search will reveal lots more similar documentation, tutorials, etc..
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