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May 9, 2015
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The grid view has 3 options which you rotate through using the "j" (jay) key on the keyboard ("I" was already used for something so they went to the next letter in the alphabet). This changes what info is included in the gray canvas around each image. The 3 options are None, Compatc, and expanded. In both the Compact and the Expanded you can control what info shows up. The most expansive is the Expanded Cells. In this option the cells are a bit taller and the area above the image has 4 zones (top left, top right, bottom left bottom right) and you can choose what metadata info is placed into each of those zones. You do this by right clicking on an image in the grid and selecting "View Options". The View options dialog box has all sorts of optons for what you see or dont' seet. Here's how mine is set up (but I change it from time to time depending on what I'm trying to do)

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