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Catalogs Lost Catalog


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Apr 2, 2024
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  1. macOS 12 Monterey
Hi, I had a person come help me with cleaning up my Mac for more disc space. I'm fairly certain he didn't do much or anything that would have effected LR.

I am a LR and PS user. All of my images are stored on external HD's. But after he left I closed my LR Classic and PS and rebooted my computer. It didn't open in to my most recent catalog nor could I find it in the drop down menu. I opened all of the recent dates but it's not the one that has 14,000 Africa images on it plus 6 months of edits. I obviously have them on my HD but I need to find the most recent catalog for many reasons....I've tried everything.

Can you suggest something? Thank you.
Where do you back up to? That should give you a catalog at the last backup.

Also, use Finder to search for .lrcat - find the one dated today, check size, etc...
find the one dated today, check size, et
It should be noted that LrC does not always update the date you see in Finder or Windows Explorer on the catalog files/folders with each use. However, that date which is part of the folder/file names of you backups should be accurate.