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Looking for Wordpress Theme with Good LR Plugin

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Mar 29, 2015
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I currently have my own web site which I created using several free web page editors over the years. I then started to create sub-pages off my web site using LR's WEB page creation module. So I have a mix of manual and LR based pages of pictures but all the pictures are in LR.

What I would now like to do is upgrade to a Wordpress based photo theme to take advantage of the responsive display capabilities to multiple devices. My hosting site provides WP support and I've installed it.

I'm overwhelmed with choices of WP themes and plugins for LR so I thought I would ask here on what people have found worked for them.

I've researched enough to know I would like to have the following:
  • Free or a one time charge template. This is for personal and not commercial use so I don't need ecommerce capabilities.
  • Responsive - Adapt to laptop, tablet, cell.
  • Good integration with LR preferably to a specific sub page (sorry, not sure of the WP terminology). Not looking for auto sync. Assume it is likely a Publish plug-in
  • Ability to water mark images through plug-in
  • User of metadata in the theme to show selected fields such as title, caption, location
  • Ability to add text around the sub page and with each image. Here's an example page. I mention this because some templates I've seen seem to be more for portfolio presentation.
  • Ability for a user to click on an image to see a larger representation.
  • Prevent picture downloading
Thanks for any tips, recommendations and/or examples
Why aren't you using your Adobe Portfolio page? It meets all those criteria except perhaps the watermark.
Why aren't you using your Adobe Portfolio page?
:facepalm: Thanks JohnBeardy. I hadn't thought about Portfolio. I started considering WP on my web site after I updated my plan and WP was included. That was before I purchased the Adobe Photography plan. I guess I got fixated.

I'm only using 1.2GB on my current web site so I have lots of room with the 20GB Adobe provides on the plan.

Ok, time to start playing with Portfolio.
I would certainly experiment as much as you can with Portfolio. You can even use your own domain name, have password protected sections, and create pages linking to or displaying other content you may want to host. While you can directly upload pictures and videos, which has advantages in some cases, the general method to follow for a photography site is to sync collections from Classic Lightroom. Then over in Portfolio you set up an "integration" which links to the synced collections, and this won't impact on your 20gb. If you subsequently edit images in LR or change what's in the synced collection, these don't update completely automatically - you have to refresh or "reset" (Adobe aren't great with names!) the integration.

I frequently ask myself if Portfolio might be viable for my photography site and find it harder to justify paying for my web space with WP hosting (for my photo site). My use of it for blogging has declined as I've grown less interested in posting my thoughts/announcements at length and more used to blurting stuff out on Twitter or FB. I've some reasons for maintaining client galleries, and I quite enjoy web design, but Portfolio could work.
With Blocks being the current default for WordPress, there are lots of options, including making a template for yourself using various blocks, particularly on the new 2020 theme, which would allow you to make different kinds of pages. However, if you do go to a pre-built theme, I suggest you get one you pay for, as you are more likely to have one that gets updated by the developer, and to get one that uses or supports blocks. Additionally, just about any paid theme will automatically be responsive these days. Among the portfolio themes I know about are those built by Generate Press, Portfolio Press, and Studio Press.

As for software that will prevent image downloading, all you can do is make sure your theme does not allow right-clicking. Anyone can make a screenshot, however, so at least as far as photos on the web are concerned, there is not much anyone can do about stealing.

Watermarking is easily done in LR, with plenty of control over basic formatting, but many of the gallery themes and plugins enable that, as well.

The most popular plugin for photos is Envira Gallery, which has a license fee per year, if you need a high level of sophistication in customizing - its galleries would be able to display a variety of metadata, as well.

That said, a lot of basic gallery plugins, including those in JetPack (owned by Automattic, which owns WordPress), will enable you to manipulate the metadata and show a basic gallery.
Well I experimented with Portfolio but stopped when I found out they don't have any integration with LR Classic. I currently don't use, nor need, sync to the cloud, which seems to be a requirement to get pictures into Portfolio. I had some issues of duplication's which fortunately were stored as copies when I did turn sync on.

That being said, I understand that bringing everything into the cloud seems to be where Adobe is going but I'm not in that same mind set at the moment

Very disappointed. Now looking at WordPress with LR Plug-in.

Sorry Adobe.
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