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looking for suggestions/warnings on 16TB USB 3.0 drives

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May 9, 2015
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  1. Windows 10

I'm looking to replace a 8TB Seagate USB External Drive with a new 16TB device. This drive will be used as my backup drive to backup my internal C drive, External P (Photos and Lrc catalog) drive, External S (Music) drive, and will also house the Windows File History files and periodic image copies of the C drive.

I'm looking at WD My Book and WD My Book Duo. I don't really need Raid but the extra speed of Raid 0 seems like a nice thing. I'm also looking at Seagate Expansion (which seems to be what I have now in the 8TB form).

Any experience, good or bad, with these or similar devices?

Thanks -- Dan
I do not have experience with the 16TB, but I did end up buying 2 8TB and one 10TB WD drives last year for offline backup. I ended up going with Elements and EasyStore because they were stuffing helium-filled Reds into them, at least two of them, and they seemed to run cool and quiet. The third turned out to be a rebadged air-filled HGST Data Center drive. That latter drive ran quite hot and idled around 45 Celsius and peaked under load in the mid-50's. I ended up exchanging that drive for the 10TB which was also a helium-filled red. They have not been run hard, but have been fine when doing large transfers. Hope things work out for you.

Good luck,

I bought a 10TB WD Elements drive last year and have had no problems with it. I use it to backup music, videos (digitized VHS tapes and DVDs), and other folders.

I would stay away from WD My Book Live and Live Duo drives as they were the ones that were wiped clean by remote attacks. I don’t know if WD has a fix for the issue yet.
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