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"loading" never stops in library module

Jun 23, 2017
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Lightroom Classic version: 10.2 32 GB ram, I7 processor
Operating System
  1. Windows 10
Today when I am in grid mode and double click on one of the little images the screen fills with a large image with "Loading" which never stops.
Go back to grid mode and click on one of the little images a larger outof focus image appears with never ending "Loading" at the problem.
LR is rendered useless until I can fix this.
Now when I try to close LR I get a Backing Up Catalog box that does not do anything. I had to cancel after 45 minutes.
I opend the catalog again is all went well for processing a few photos and the "Loading" appears again when I click on the 4th photo of the session
but this time the catalog check and zipping closed after 10 minutes. However now it takes a good 10 mins to coax Lightroom to open again with the same catalog.
Is Lightroom doing anything useful with all this "Loading" and difficulty in closing and opening? It is using 20% of 32GB of ram. The catalog is on an SSD. It never opened, disappeared. The I tried again, it opened.

How do I fix this? Any ideas?


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Feb 1, 2010
West Sussex, UK
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Have you tried to create a new (test) catalog, importing a few images to see if the same problem is apparent there? Just trying to see if the problem you're having is due to a catalog problem, or a wider system/Lightroom issue.