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Nov 1, 2007
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Lightroom Presets by various LR Gurus and others
Free Lightroom Presets & Where to Find Them
Heather Green Adobe Lightroom Free Presets
Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips' Presets
Jack Davis' Presets
Steller Presets
Seim Effects Presets
Kubota Lightroom Presets
Steller Time Presets LR Guru Richard Earney

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Several Lightroom Preset Collections

I hope this is the correct forum . . .

I have several Lightroom preset collections. They're all large collections. They're all free.

TLR B&W Conversion Lightroom Presets
TLR B&W Split Toning Lightroom Presets
TLR Color Split Toning Lightroom Presets
TLR Cross-Processing Lightroom Presets
TLR Digital Velvia Lightroom Presets
TLR Faux LOMO Preset for Lightroom 2

You can see descriptions here:

If you're like me and you use Lightroom together with Photoshop, you might also be interested in identical presets for Adobe Camera Raw: