Lightroom v2 Camera Tethering

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After a bit of work I've completed my first Lightroom Plugin. It ONLY works on Mac OS X 1'.5 and Lightroom v2 but gives you tethering support in Lightroom.

Its faster than using an AutoImport folder and (I think) pretty cool. Unfortunately at the moment it uses the Apple tether API so it doesn't support most modern Canon's although I'm going to try working on that :)

By default the image will be imported but won't be selected. This is because the Lightroom API doesn't support it. I've implemented a workaround which requires you need to enable "System Preferences"->"Universal Access"->"Enable access for assistive devices". This will then select the newly imported image IF you have the last imported image selected.

Have a look, any feedback gratefully received.

New Version of LightroomTether v2.1

Thanks for all the feedback and help,

I had a bit of time free tonight and have managed to create a new version of LightroomTether. I believe I've fixed all the bugs people have reported although I can't test them all :)

It also adds Nikon enhanced mode, which should make for faster image capture. I've tried it on D4', D7' and D8''s.

Please, Please go, download and feedback your experiences. I'f you get it working (try both modes please) then send me an message so I can update the camera support page. I'd also be interested in those currently using a tethering solution on the relative performance of my tool.

If you decide it does the things you need, be kind and donate some money so I can go down the pub and celebrate.

Please, Please go, download and feedback your experiences.

Thanks for your nice work!
But unfortunately...
It is still doing the same with my Canon 5D; it works, but not on a burst mode (which in the end turns out to be slower than the EOS Utility/Watched Folder solution).
It is perfect for product advertising work, but not for fashion photography.
Another small problem is, if your battery is not 1''% charged, there is no warning whatsoever, and so we tend to think the plugin is not working, when in fact it is. I discovered using EOS Utility right after the first failure.
Even knowing that writing to the CF will slow things down, it is much safer; if one has no choice to keep a copy on the card and there is no automatic post-tether backup...
I'd love to know if you plan a windows version? I can't use canon utility on Vista x64 as the Canon driver isn't supported on 64bit so an alternative solution would be ideal. At the moment I use my Laptop with XP 32bit to capture the images and upload to a share on my desktop where LR2 picks them up using auto-import.

Paul A
No luck with this and my Pentax K-1'D. EVen though it does 'PC Mode'.

I think that it only supports the cameras that Aperture does, (see Sean's Link)

I sent you a message via your website.

My Canon XTi is recognized when attached but all camera controls go dead.


As soon as you have a new release, could you please post it here?
I want to keep testing your plugin.
Thanks in advance,
DL and tried it out. Works great with my 5D. Looking forward to that new code to fix the multiple shots issue.
Fun with LiveView and SDK documentation

Well its been a busy few weeks at work so I've not had much chance to fix anything. That said I've now got the Canon SDK and the Nikon official docs (thanks to the both companies). I've even been fixing the plugin so that enhanced mode does what it should with Nikons :) (I was close but not quite right for the D3'').

I've also aquired myself one of those nice shinny D3'''s. I finally decided I could justify it. So now I've got that working and rather than get to work on Canon's I thought I'd have a play with liveview.

So heres a sample move from my Liveview app:

its not great (no D9'), as the D3'''s liveview is 64'x48' at about 1' frames per second but you get the idea (its also pretty dark in my study).

Unfortunatly when the Nikon's in Liveview you can ONLY take photos via the computer so I might have a play at implementing the whole zoom and take photo stuff ... depends if I get bored.

Till later

Rich, do you plan to make Fuji S3 and S5's able to shoot tethered?
Another Canon/Windows man interested in LR2 tethering. I use Canons remote capture and ZoomBrowser when tethered. I also have Adobe Bridge open at the same time which auto-updates when a shot downloads from the camera. If you could get something like that hapening with LR2 I'd be interested.
Can anyone help me with tethering my Canon 5D with my Mac. I've tried the Canon software but it has too many runarounds and is not perfected. It works well with all the newer canons but unfortunately not with the 5D.
Can anyone help me with tethering my Canon 5D with my Mac. I've tried the Canon software but it has too many runarounds and is not perfected. It works well with all the newer canons but unfortunately not with the 5D.

Have no idea personally, but welcome aboard. I suggest that you message Ian Farlow - the Administrator to change your forum name so as you are not open to spam.
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hello :)

The Canon 5D should work with my plugin (enhanced mode disabled), so I'm told. You might need to put the camera into "PC connection mode" though.

I'm working on better canon support but I'm waiting for my beta tester to get some free time :)

Hello Rich,

If you need a Fuji S3 beta tester, I can help
Hi Rich, and everyone else...

Have any Nikon owners used Camera Control Pro? I've only done a very basic test with it, long ago. Does your plugin do more, better than what "CCP" offers?

When I get to LR2.x, I'll definitely give your plugin a whirl :)
So bare in mind I'm bias!

LightroomTether does far less than CCP but at a much lower price point (free). All it does is download images as you take them over USB and import them into Lightroom (optionally selecting each image as its taken). It does this far quicker than using CCP and an auto import folder ... I think this is partly due to my import code being more efficient than an autoimport folder and partly due to my plugin downloading the images from the camera faster than CCP.

To my mind CCP only does three useful things:
1. Tetherd shooting (thus I wrote LightroomTether)
2. Computer controlled taking of photos (which I don't use and CCP isn't very good - have a look at Apples ImageCapture SDK samples if you want to do this for free)
3. LiveView - (which I've got a development version of working - but I dont use myself)

The bulk of CCP (and the reason they have to update it for each camera) is the stuff to let you change all the options remotely. If you really wanted to you could write a program to change them (its not that hard) but to be honest I just use the camera controls. Its easier.

So for me there's no need to send £12' on CCP.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the explanation & insight!!! I will get into lr2.x ASAP (even the $99 upgrade cost is a stretch for me at the moment, unfortunately :( not to metion, I've been waiting patiently for bug fixes and 2.1RC is a "work in progress"). As soon as I'm running LR2(.x), I'll give your plugin a try.

I am VERY curios to know (as I am researching how to write web export plugins for LR) how your tethering plugin is accomplished? (from what I've read the LR SDK is for "export functionality", and what you are working on seems, to me, like a whole different "can of worms" with image import from the camera (ergo: exposing import functionality from the camera [maker] AND LR to 3rd party dev "ambitions"). If I am making any kind of sense, perhaps you can enlighten me?

Maybe the above paragraph didn't make much sense, and I admit I'm new to all this and wanting to learn how to write 3rd party plugins myself (for web export stuff...). I think your plugin endeavor is admirable, and would love to learn more...

In the mean time, KUDOS to your efforts (and, again, I'll test your plugin asap)

jbmockus AT yahoo DOT com (hint-hint ;) )

canons and windoze
hello :)

The Canon 5D should work with my plugin .. :)


Surely worked with my 5D.
What about the D7'', Rich?
I couldn't make it work tethered using your plugin...
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