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Lightroom to Photoshop and Back Issue

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Sep 5, 2016
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  1. macOS 12 Monterey
Mac Studio
Photoshop and Lightroom Desktop versions both updated to latest versions

I recently had an issue between Lightroom and Photoshop (Both are the very latest Versions available ) that I can’t figure out and hope one of you experts may have the answer.

I completed a Master B&W PSD file with several layers in Photoshop and saved it back to Lightroom and printed from Lightroom via ABW mode. The finished print had a small but noticeable dark spot near the bottom margin with I had not noticed while working on the file in Photoshop.

I then examined the file in Lightroom and sure enough there was the spot. I reopened the file in Photoshop to take care of the mistake only to find that when the file is opened in Photoshop the dark spot is not visible all looks well.

I saved the file again back to Lightroom and the spot was still visible. I again reopened in Photoshop and did a Save As with new name and again back to LR I synchronized the folder and imported the file with the new name and this time the spot was gone?

I ended up making this last copy (the save as with new name) the Master copy because I could not get rid of that spot nor could I figure out why the different looks between LR and PS with the same file.

No I didn’t try the LR clone tool because I was doing the final edits in PS and wanted keep it that way.

Obviously I solved the Master File issue with the Save As from PS and I could just go on my merry way… but I am curious why I had this issue in the first place?

Any ideas?
Sounds like you added a small Lightroom correction, perhaps without even realising it. Maybe a click with the adjustment brush, set to lower the exposure. Maybe you synchronised something without realising it.
Well I feel like a complete idiot!!... You were correct!.... Sometimes my mind gets so locked in I don't look outside the box.... I was so sure LR was not used I didn't check !.... Sure enough in the LR history the healing brush had been applied??..... When I reset settings the spot disappeared... Mystery solved by you... Thanks for taking your time to respond...not sure how long (if ever) it would have taken myself to finally see the error of my ways..ha.... Again thanks!
Re "locked-in", yes indeed!! I discovered several back-and-forth lines of adjustment in a "finished" LR - sure enough, the brush tool was still active after my last small edit, and even though I had finished with it LR (Classic) has "catching-up" and continued to during my movement of the mouse.

Went back in history, found the "added" edit, start the few steps from that point and no "artifacts"!
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