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Lightroom stuck syncing 5 photos for days...

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Sep 30, 2010
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Hi all,

I have just started using lightroom mobile again. I am stuck uploading with 5 photos to go on my laptop for a few days.

I have removed the "Sync.lrdata" file at /Users//Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/Sync.lrdata, that forced a re-sync, but still have 5 photos uploading.

On a separate note,
how can I manage how much space lightroom mobile uses on my device? How do I set it to download a collection locally, and once I am done editing that collection, to remove it from the local device but not from adobe cloud? I don't see any settings (beyond clear cache) which seems to manage local data.

Lightroom CC 2015.1
OSX 10.10.4

Lightroom Mobile v 1.5.1
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Oh, good! I'm still on 2015.3 and have learned from experience to not charge into new versions too eagerly. Is it safe to update?
Okay, I've updated my Lightroom but that seems to have made the problem worse.
  • Now the syncing message just under the file menu shows "syncing 12,075 photos" but after several minutes that tally hasn't changed at all.
  • If I click the down arrow next to the logo it shows "syncing 1 photo" with Lightroom Mobile.
  • Going to Preferences > Lightroom Mobile > Pending Sync Activity shows "0 uploading, 0 downloading".
Any other ideas?
And a restart doesn't change the count? Are the mobile devices up to date? And do they all show on the web interface?
And a restart doesn't change the count?

It wasn't for a while but it does now. Now it's back to "syncing 1 photo" showing up under the program menu. Preferences > Lightroom Mobile > Pending Sync Activity still shows "0 uploading, 0 downloading".

Are the mobile devices up to date? And do they all show on the web interface?

I'm only using Lightroom Mobile on one device, an iPad Pro 12.9". It shows that syncing is up to date.

And do they all show on the web interface?

I suppose they do. I've removed on my synced collections in LR Mobile to try starting over. But the web interface shows 16682 images while LR Mobile shows a "Lightroom Photos" collection with 13197 photos in it. And I notice in Settings > Usage on my iPad that LR Mobile is still using 16 GB of space. I assume this is Camera Roll photos, which I don't really care to access in LR Mobile.

That Syncing 1 Photo is probably one that's stuck uploading from a mobile device, rather than actually downloading, although I can't explain why the web interface shows a much higher number. How many photos do the mobile apps show?
I found a solution with the help of Adobe tech support. The diagnostic log didn't help, but clearing the sync data and forcing a resync did. I renamed the sync folder, restarted LR on my desktop, waited for the sync to complete and... no more stuck image!

You can find the sync.lrdata file here:
On Mac it's at /Users/<user>/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/Sync.lrdata
On Win it would be at C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Sync Data\Sync.lrdata
Thanks for reporting back with the solution.
After trying various options and having the same issue with one photo stuck syncing I found the 'delete all data' button in the preferences worked for me.

Obviously you want to make sure you have backups of any photo's which in my case was fine.

I setup a new sync and tested it with eight photo's and had it work as it should.

I think my issue was that I'd tried the mobile app periodically and update my software frequently and over time have optomised my catalog which disrupted the photo's from the synced folders and caches.

It seems like there is a distinct need for a Lynda.com style tutorial about iPhone to Lightroom desktop workflow as this is a common issue and I found it hard to find consolidated troubleshooting anywhere.

On a side note it seems like the workflow has significantly improved for the app, now if only we could get support in there for Apples live photo's, panorama's and the various video formats!
Ok, I think we have a winner. The problem files turned out to be videos that hadn't uploaded properly from the phone. The solution was to go to http://lightroom.adobe.com, sign in and check the collections for black video files with exclamation marks, and then delete those problem files. Once I did so, the desktop stuck sync fixed itself.

Thanks Victoria! This fixed my sync issue. I had a few videos that failed to sync and they were showing online as a black video with exclamations just like you said.
Update to 2015.6 - there's a new Pending Sync Activity section in Preferences, which shows what's currently stuck.
Hey Victoria,

Do you have any idea how to clear these things?? I've have 2 uploading, 3 downloading and then one just labled error and it seems to be related to a LR catalog issue. I was able to get several other uploading errors to go away by re-syncing those specific pictures (they were all tiff files, post PS edit) but they worked fine the second time.

I'm having a weird thing with sync where my clients "Favorites" are not showing up. I can see them online or on my iPad but I'm not getting the notifications all of a sudden on my desktop. If I search through each pitures, the likes will show in the Comments area but I'm not getting the yellow notification under collections and I'm not getting the icon that used to show up in the scroll bar at the bottom. So strange... just started happening because I use mobile favoriting daily with clients and now its jacked up. I'm wondering it if has to do with "stuck" syncing issues.
Yeah, removing the photos from the sync and then adding them again usually does the trick. Odd that you're not getting the yellow notifications though. Unsticking the stuck photos would be a great place to start troubleshooting.
The post from Jerry Callaghan in which the hint "Specify location for Lr mobile Images" worked for me. There was nothing specified originally.

Many thanks Jerry.
Hi, hoping for help...

I've got an issue with my user account in my MacBook that is preventing the sync between my MacBook and iOS devices. I can sync from iOS to LR but not MacBook to LR. With the help of Adobe we isolated it to my MacBook user account (user ID). How do I know this? We created a test user account on my MacBook and 'presto' the sync worked using my LR logon. Apple attribute it to a corrupted interaction between my user account and LR rather than a problem with my account overall.

Has anyone seen this or got a fix for this? I'd rather not delete my LR files and start again.
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