Lightroom on Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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Jan 10, 2009
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Anyone using one with Lightroom that can comment on how well it works in terms of performance, screen calibration, and overall usability?

I've been doing a lot of photo shoots lately with 30-60 minutes between appointments that is dead time unless I can do editing on the go. I have a laptop but it doesn't seem as convenient as having a 2-in-1 machine.

My main concern is how slow LR runs on my notebook. It's such a frustrating experience -- even after implementing all the performance tips I've found online.

Thanks in advance.
Have been using one since they came out, with no problem using LR. I have the 8 G of RAM so it is fairly fast on the go and have also installed Photoshop and NIK software as well. Have not bothered with screen calibration, as I would rely on my desktop for my workflow which normally ends up being printed.
Thanks for the answer.

How does the speed of using LR compare between the Surface Pro and your desktop? Is the difference noticeable?

And do you use the pen or touch components of the Surface Pro with Lightroom? Does that work well or do you resort to using a mouse for culling and editing?
My desktop is much faster of course, bigger RAM and Processor and dedicated SSD just for cache. The surface Pro is fine, but not really fast. I have used the pen as a brush for masks etc, so that does work well, so does my finger for selecting files directly on the touch screen!
I'm tempted to buy a Surface Pro 4, but the rumor mill keeps pointing out to a replacement (Surface Pro 5?) coming out soon, so I've been waiting... impatiently. Good to hear that the touch aspect and pen work well. I just might just do it soon.
MS have just released the new laptop whatever it is called, so I wonder if they will carry on with the Surface Pro style in the future?
The Surface hardware that was introduced last week is Microsoft's answer to Google's Chromebook -- more oriented toward the education market. Every sign and expectation points to the Surface Pro line being alive and well.
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